Unknown future

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Unknown future that nobody actually known,we only known the present but no one knows what tommorow might brings,no one knows the evil or good in the nearest future unseen, everything is changing,time, people, climate, and so on.

Things aren't like before again the more we see a new bright day the more we see another good or bad things,the more we move closer the more we see or hear different things about future unseen.

Unknown future which no one can predict you can sleep today and won't walk tomorrow,you can cook and left some for another but that day may come without you eating from the leftover.

Unknown future which no one knows if is going to be bright or feel with darkness and unknown future my prayer is our future going to be bright [Amen], unknown future a future for the fittest and not for the weaker,a future for the strongest,a future not known to everyone,a future of prediction in which no man know if is going to work as predicted.

Unknown future, future that comes everyday,no one knows what a day in the future going to come with present is know already and we all know how things are being done or going now but what going to happen tomorrow is what is unknown to man.

Are you the kind who likes doing good or you are type that do evil,how does your future going to be, hope the people you leave behind are going to keep remembering you for your good deeds or evil deed, future unknown, Future that is hidden beyond human comprehension,no one knows what might happen tomorrow.

Unknown future, future we don't know if we are going to arrived upon,we Don't even know if is going to be okay than present or going to be more worst than the present.

Unknown future which is full of evil, good , suffering,sad , happiness and joy.

Unknown future, future we don't know if it truly exist unless we get there ,is unpredictable but we have the faith of getting there because we need to change our status with it,no future no blessing.

Person without a future just came to the word in vain,my prayer is we won't reach the future unknown or see it in vain but rather reach the future with a prosperous mind.

Unknown future,how are you preparing for it are you still looking for what aren't lost or you are thinking broadly to prepare for the future unknown.

Questions of the day?

How are you preparing for the future unknown?

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