The upcoming draught unseen

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The question we are suppose to ask ourselves time to time is that are we actually preparing for the draught in the nearest future unseen.

Do you know why we suppose to be asking ourselves this question? I know your answer will be capital [NO] but I will tell you the reason why and is not other than the way agriculture is fading away, people aren't proud to be a farmer anymore they don't even want to become one and gradually the apathy for agriculture is increasing and the government didn't even have any concerns against it,they don't even care if farmers exist or not,instead of them encouraging the farmers they are discouraging them.

Before now government build a barns,storage, provide good road, provide equipment for the farmers so that there work can be effective and yield good results.

Before now farmers are the richest because of the goods they produce but now a farmer is the poorest of all,is hard for a farmer son/daughter to have a good education because they have nothing to cater for there families.

Do you think a son/daughter being raise by a poor farmer will ever think of doing the job of his father? capital NO he/she will never wish of becoming a farmer whereas in the olden days they are always the proudest of all,but because of the modern technology everyone has left there origin which is farming and they now face something else, imagine government wasting billions in importing food they can produce in there own country and what suppose to be cheap now become costly, back in those days nothing like importing of food the country farmers are the one producing food for the country and the make them to become wealthy because people buy there product but since our focus now depends on importing, what are we going to eat?

We are losing each day and we taught we are winning,we are laughing each day instead of crying.

If a farmer lose we all are losing and if they win we all are winning,what are we going to eat in the future unseen if there aren't no farming/farmers any longer won't agriculture become a history our unborn generation will be reading about? who is going to cultivate if everyone leave being farming to search for a greater pasture that will earn them alot of wealth.

We are increasing in population and building house on daily basis,what are we going to eat in the future unseen? When all the land that are suppose to be use for farming are now use in building of house and so many things which land will then be use for farming and cultivating won't agriculture be a things of the past, aren't we going to starve in the future unseen, where are the storage created for storing of food,where are the farmers,when those that suppose to use there land for farming are selling them just to look for a better greener pastures because they are being neglected and abandon instead of carrying then along.

What are we going to eat in the future unseen?when we all go for a collar job and we neglect our foundation.

who is going to produce, cultivate for us if we all leave farming and agriculture?

where will the product comes from when all the land use for farming are all use for building houses, company and so on?

Who is going to go into farming if the farmers are not being encourage,cared for and not invest upon?

Do we need to thank the farmers and appreciate them whenever we see one?

This is the question we need to start asking ourselves everyday,how will the future be if we all stop farming,what are we going to eat in the future unseen?

Big questions for all

What did we need to do so as to improve the life of a farmer and agriculture,this is a question for us all ?

How can we make agriculture a thing for the upcoming generations to be proud off ?

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