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As we are getting close to end time alot of evil deed are getting rampant everyday and it has been counted and mention on daily basis about things that are absurb to hearing back then but are now becoming the issues this time around so in this article I will be making mention of some of the issue that has been occuring in our various world today,evendo there are measure to curb it but many are still indulging in the bad act.

Below are the list of some of the issue being talk about on daily basis which are a bad act.


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Killing is one of the most talk evil this days there aren't a day you won't hear of people being killed by gun men, bandit, terrorist and so on. Alot of this people who are killing are either being sent to do so or they are doing it to agitate for one thing or the others,evendo there are alot of measure being placed down to curb the way people are being killed daily and instead of the measure to decrease instead the act is becoming rampant in all over the world at large.

Who are those behind this types of acts?

Those people involved in this kind of acts are mainly the top official,most of them are holding on place at the top and they are the one sponsoring those terrorist.

Do you know why I said those top officials are the one sponsoring the terrorist? I know your answer will be No.

  • This is the answer how can a poor person get access to an heavy gun?

  • Where can an ordinary person has money to fund a terrorist group?

  • How can a poor man get access to armour that are more powerful than that of the military personnel?

Those questions allow solve the riddles behind a terrorist group involved in killing.

Motive behind some killings

You know without a reason there won't be a call for a terrorist group and what is the work of a terrorist? terrorist are meant to terrorize people,they are paid to kill and destroy the peace of the state, some killings are meant for revenge and some are meant for reason known to the killer alone.



Rape is also part of the indecent act that as become rampant this days,alot of women,girls, ladies has become a victim of rape. Rape has become rampant that it has become a normal thing for some people,even raping has become rampant and unpleasant that you will hear a 63 years old man is found raping a 3month old baby,see how absurd that is too hearing,evendo the rapist know the repercussions of what is doing if he get caught but that inhuman act will still prompt him to rape a minor, and mind you rape only is not only man raping lady, chart below shows the statistics rate of rape in some country.

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Categories of raping in some country

Every country has there there own rules and what they count as rape. below are some of the how rape is being categorized

Man to man, woman to woman , adult to minor , husband to wife and so on.

And each categories has there own ways of punishment for each act in different countries.


Kidnapping another act that is rampant this days,alot of people has fall into the pit of kidnappers some are later free after there demand has been meant and some are later kill depending on the instructions giving to the kidnappers by those that actually sent them.

Note:not all kidnapping are being sponsored but most of the one being sponsored there victim are actually killed after there demand has being meet and some victim also are being killed if the victim actually knows the kidnappers,so this is being done to avoid the victim reporting them.



Fraud this also has become the mode of earning for alot of younger generation today,this involved you pretending to be what you are not just to get your way. And by this alot of fraud method are being created daily the more one is being know by the victim the more new ones are being created so as to get money from people pocket.

Alot of people has fallen into this trap some has lost one or two members of there family because of it,some has lost there earn hard money because of this also and the only reason for this type of act is just to collect money from the victim and this type of acts is in various ways.

Also each country has there own method of dealing with this type of people caught in this acts most of people caught are always giving a prison sentence and all there property are being detained.


Those are some indecent act that are being the other of today in our country and most of it are sometimes sponsored by the higher rank officials and some are for reason known to the performance of the acts.

Each countries has there own ways of dealing with anyone find guilty in the acts mention above.

Like I use to say,a country fill with disloyal,hatred and self centered people,the country will never seize to see all kind of bad acts but country filled with love, harmony nothing will ever make you to think of hurting your fellow human being.

Let value the life we can't create and let love save us all.

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