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1 year ago

This is what my first write up upon creating an account on and i was given a thumb down by unknown person,so I decide to work on it and explain it better more than the way I wrote it in the first post,so sit tight and read till the last.

All what is in this world are vanity,so why are we now running up and down forgetting that we won't make it out of here alive,why is it that we can't be our brothers keeper without using it to later shame the person,some will help you and later mimick you with it.

Remember the richest person on this earth will surely die one-day and all what you have will be left alone on earth with you not going to be the owner again but someone else's,the money you have now that you don't even know who is going to spend it after you are don't even know maybe is going to be spend lavishly or is going to be a giveaway for another person and your family won't benefit from it.

Why can't you just do good to another person and let them show appreciation in the next future,you might not know if the person you help today will be someone to help you tomorrow.

A life of vanity where the cloth you are wearing now is someone rag at home and you are there doing as if you own the earth with it and you are there being pompous on something that a dog is even wearing life of vanity.

A life of vanity where your most expensive jewelries is just a mere dog chain for another person and you are there using that to suppress another person into committing suicide because of how you intimidate him/her.

Life of vanity why can't we stop thinking of helping ourselves and growing together instead of intimidating someone with what you will leave in this world,why can't we show love to that person suffering beside us and make the person smile instead of oppressing them with your riches.

Why can't we just live in a happy environment where everyone in your community are all wealthy and also happy to have you in there community not that they will be frustrated by your doings (being using your wealth to inconvenient the other).

Let leave a life that people will emulate a humble, help and giving mode of life and see how you will be celebrated when you die, some people has done a lot of evil deed that even there dead is even better than them living on earth,life of vanity.

Life where no one knows what tommorow is going to bring maybe is going to be for joy or sadness,life we all pray for another chance to see another day because no one know tommorow.

Let do good things today because tommorow might be too late for us to do it.

Make someone smile today in that small way and look at how happy you also going to be.

Life of vanity,life where a rich can become poor tommorow and a poor can be rich tommorow,a life where there is a thin line between dead and life.





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1 year ago


Everything you said is true. We all just have to be humble and live like there's no tomorrow. With that, our life will be more meaningful

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1 year ago

Loving someone and being loved back is the key,it gives no room for hatred and this makes us have peace with everyone.

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1 year ago