Patient is a virtue

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I know this word aren't a stranger to everyone in here,you might have heard it more than one or a couple of times but the reason for me writing on this is that many only hear about it but don't know what it means,how to use it,when to use it and how deep the word.

So using this medium to just tell about the word

"Patience is a virtue"

The word "patience is a virtue" which is a proverb can be use to advice someone facing a difficulties and also mind you it doesn't work for all difficulties also because there are someone problem that requires an immediate response and being patience in that kind of situationat can spoil a lot or damage things.

Since patient has both advantage and disadvantage,but note the advantage are more than disadvantage of it

Let look at what inpatience can cause.

Not having patience can:

-cause you to make poor decisions that affect your health and your happiness.

  • It can waste your time.

  • It can put you under a lot of stress.

  • It can affect your relationships in a very negative way.

  • It can cause you to feel self-doubt and decrease your confidence level.

  • It makes you feel downright horrible!

  • It can put your life in danger.

  • you make rash decisions (that you know are bad) in order to get you to your desired goal quicker.

The above are part of what inpatience can cause but let now look at what having patience can actually do in our life:

  • Having patience allow you to exercise self-control and it shows you how you can handle life when times get tougher.

  • help to have the ability to look outside of yourself, and it makes you to withstand judgment when you need to. In short, exhibiting patience shows that you have a high moral standard in life.

  • Patience helps you make better decisions in life that can quite literally save your life.

  • Patience makes you take time to think about things when facing any problem and it brings best solution as soon as possible.

When can it be use? patience can actually be use to:

  • Remind someone that good things are coming in the future.

  • Praising someone for waiting even when it was inconvenience.

  • Expressing frustration over the fact that you have to wait

  • When someone is facing one problem or the other.

When talking about patience is a virtue all what you suppose to have in mind is that

  • You are being ask not to do pass your limit

  • Don't run pass your shadow

  • Don't rush

  • Be conscious

  • Exercise the act of waiting

  • Not too fast in making decisions and so on.

The effect of inpatience in the society

If we look at today inpatient has been the order of today,no one want to wait anymore and this has damage alot of people life's, some has lost families in the race of not being patience and even till now alot of people aren't waiting for God time[being patience] they prefer running up and down in finding solution to problem and during this period they put themselves into alot of problem and if they have waited for and exercise patience when they need to do is already by there side even the solution to there problem in even in there hands.


People who exercise patience are inherently good and waiting always increase the value of things being waited for.

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