NFT'S: another way of making money apart from cryptocurrencies

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1 year ago

Good day everyone hope you are all doing well and enjoying life and also hope you are flexing things, wherever you may be don't forget to take life slowly.

Back to the major things which is NFT,I never knew NFT can make someone that rich until I see a pieces sold for half a billion,you won't believe and to call the story short the NFT to me just look like shit but it was sold at huge price.

Crypto punk NFT

The art piece of NFT you are seeing was sold at 124,457.07 ETH in dollars ($532,414,877,01 USD), do you see how this piece has make someone a millionaire, imagine the person having two of that piece then he will be a billionaire today.

Question for today

1) Is NFT'S worth investing on?

2) Will NFT ever stay like the coin?


Don't miss any NFT opportunity that comes your way,mint your way to success or you work for it and hold as much as you can.

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1 year ago