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1 year ago

Good evening everyone, hope you all doing bountifully well today?if yes thanks be to God.

This evening I will be telling you about how I lose money to mining because of being a newbie to the Crypto mining world.

How it started

There was this new staking site that was about to be lunched and a friend of mine invited me to join and we both start to read the count down and it look like am about making it in CRYPTO,I join there telegram group and everything seems to be alright and well.

One the day it was launched,the registration seems to hard you need to buy a binance smartchain and swap the coin to the new staking token to be able to mine it and being a novice to mining world,it become a hard process for me to do,I was ask to buy binance smartchain and I have $129 worth of BSC on my trust wallet and because of the way my friend tell me on what am going to gain,I decide to buy $200 worth of BSC more just to earn early and cashout bigger because of my greediness and I was told to swap all to lava which is the site token and I did swap to it and I added some also to the liquidity,it was actually halved because the money invest in liquidity must be the same with what is in the wallet before the mining can succeed and after all the process was done and I pay the transaction fee and so on. It actually begin mining,the market price start to rise the more people enter the more the market price increases and to cut the story short we were maintaining a market cap of 12,000,000 for like 3 to 4 days and my earnings was $700 on the 2nd day and it continue increasing on the 4rd day am already earning like $1000,I was really happy and felt alive smiling every day.

The earning continue on and on everyone on the mining was enjoying and posting there earning on the group and we are all like a happy family and we keep earning waiting for the mining countdown to end so that we can all cashout and swap to another coin and also take our profit.

How it ended

The day I can't forget is the 7th day do you want really happen?NO

On the day we were to cashout something happy my phone went off,the reason why it went off is still unknown to me till today because I was like why that day of all the day's will something like this happen,I was unable to cashout on that day due to what happen to my phone and one the next day I bought another phone enter my wallet phrase key which I save in my Gmail account and I went to the mining site but guess what the market cap was the first shock,the market caps that was 35,000,000 was now 1,000,000,my earning of almost $4000 was now $150,how it happen I don't know till now.

My money,gain,profit I lost all because everyone take both the profit and there investment and they ran out of the project which make the project to have a long dip Even until now they haven't recover from it same also I haven't recover my investment,I just leave the token there thinking am going to recover my money back but all is just to avail.

I conclude that is like my village people are at work [lol] because I can't imagine why is it that is on that day that my phone off.

I was just hissing like a snake on that day,was almost thinking of killing myself, and I keep on asking myself

why my phone now?

why on this day?

Who did I offend?

That was the question I keep on asking myself but I know am going to recover that money from the site,that is my sad little experience on mining site.

Thanks you for reading it,see you soon

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1 year ago