#Let love reigns

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1 year ago

Hmmmm, today is actually the awaiting day,a day to celebrate our loved one's,a day to buy a gift for that lady,man,woman,guy,girlfriend,boyfriend,parents and all those that are dearie to us in the part years and show some appreciation for them staying by ourside even when everyone left us or when we are shattered but do you know val suppose to be more than that? Do you know it suppose to be celebrated more than the way it being celebrated?

This will take us to my own types of val and how i wish val suppose to be celebrated in all part of the country and in the world generally.

After thinking about life in different perception i came about using val as a means of reaching to everyone around us and val being a love day aren't suppose to be celebrated once in a years but more than once in a years.

If we look a the world now alot is happening day by day at every minute we hear about alot of happening in different countries, today we heard about war,hatred, killings, racial discrimination and so on.

And we are here talking about celebrating val(a love day) when we aren't even loving ourselves the way we are ought to but we rather celebrate val for a celebration sake without we actually performing that act in which the celebration begins with, we saying we are celebrating a love day and we have a lot of hatred within our self towards our fellow humans , we fight our self in wars,we kill ourselves for nothing instead of living in peace and harmony we decide to leave in pieces and make a chattered lives.

What are we even celebrating lust or love or just spending lavishly so that people can see you celebrating a val, many sees there neighbours really suffering but rather than helping they prefer wasting money on unnecessary things and we are celebrating love day? Is love day suppose to be for the family alone or our loved one's alone?

One of Micheal jackson lyrics say "making a better place for you and for me" but i ask myself where is that better place we are making for ourselves, instead of making a better place for ourselves, we are making the otherwise the already lost the loves for our self and for the nation, all the wickedness and evil acts in this world are just becoming more rampant we dont even value ourselves any more and we are celebrating valentines days.

What are we celebrating when we can't even do a good deeds for the needy but we like doing things that we make them devalue themselves, the more we talk about ending racism,the more it increases, the more will talk about killings the more it increases and so on.

My question now goes thus

Why can't we just put a smile on that neighbours face?

Why can't you give to the needy?

Why can't we put aside racial discrimination?

Why can't we stop killings eachother?

Why can't we make a better place for dwelling for ourselves?

Let make love reigns between us and let create a heart of Gold that cares and put people first in all our dealings and let see if the world won't be a nice place for us all.




We are all bounded by the father of love and let stop the hatred see you in my next articles.

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1 year ago


My thoughts exactly, it's important we put a smile on someone's face, that is what this season is all about

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1 year ago

Yeah! Sowing seed of love is the key for a better nation,when you love then you can put a smile on someone face when love aren't involve nothing like that can happen

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1 year ago