I disagree "success is not a destination but a journey"

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2 years ago

Did you actually know that success is not a destination but a journey? To my own understanding destination means full stop [.] it means you have arrive at a limit of not moving forward why journey means comma [,] which means there is still more to come.

Let me explain better,why success is not a destination but a journey. For example we all which to be successful in life,we all pray to achieve our aims and so on.

Evendo there are a lot of obstacles will still keep on pushing to reach that greater height , sometimes we lose but we keep on struggling to win.e.g an athlete that lose today will never relent till he/she actually win, that confidence and self encouragement make it a journey [which means when there is life there is hope], there's not a limit to what we can achieve in life.

Assuming if there is a limit to what we can achieve that means success is a full stop but since success is a continuous thing that means it's a journey.e.g a person with a 100 trillions in his account we still continue aiming for more assuming success is a full stop then he will have stop aiming for more money and he will sit and enjoy life.

Ask yourself this if success is a full stop while do i actually like aiming for more and more good things everyday,think deeply over this is there only one success because have listening to alot of people and they always call there selves unsuccessful because they aren't rich or bouyant they forgot that being wealthy doesn't mean they are successful.

They forget that there are a lot to achieve after being wealthy a mismanage wealth can turn someone to a pauper in a twinkle of an eyes,if you stop thinking of how to grow your wealth then you won't know when you will start from the beginning again.

If you stop going forward how will you tell me you are successful,a successful person always keep on moving finding new ideas everyday and unsuccessful person always remain stagnant you know why because he/she put limit to his/her success and that is why success aren't a full stop but a journey which involve you moving forward and not staying in one place.

You can't tell me because you fall,you aren't going forward again but because you believe in yourself you just dust yourself and continue moving that enough is a success.

The ability for you to keep on struggling to move higher is a success not until you achieve your aim, some think until you achieve your aim you are successful but forget they aim can vanish without managing it well, after achieving aim there are still alot to do after it.

Do you forget you don't start the race of success in a day, it a continuous and daily improvement that makes a successful person and no limit to it.

Have you ever seen the richest man in the world stop aiming capital [No] because he knows he still has alot to achieve.

Success varies that why is a comma

someone that buy a car = success

Someone that built a house=success

You giving birth=success

You waking up=success.

whenever you win that is a success and whenever time to praise occur that is also a success.

Don't limit success because being successful doesn't have limit.

Hope you agree with me that success is not a destination but a journey and you can only achieve success by not degrading yourself or having limit but cultivating the habit of bringing out win from loses that is the only time one can be successful.

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2 years ago


Success is definitely a journey that never ends. You can't say you have made it in life and then decide to just relax, the money you have accumulated will finish one day if you stop working before your old age

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2 years ago