How to deal with failure

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Happy Sunday to everyone,hope your day went well and smooth?I hope I meet you all in good health and hope you aren't feeling down about your current situation,hope you are having mindset of improving no matter how the disappointed life has been to you?

Let get back to the real topic dealing with failure, before we can think of dealing with failure,let talk about failure.

What is failure?

Failure is lack of success or inability to meet an expectations,we were meant to know that without experiencing one failure or the other you can't succeed because failure are just a stepping stone to success and it meant to occur. Most of the successful man or woman, we are seeing now are once a failure but they never relent ,feel disappointed or reduce there self esteem instead they work against the failure and today they are successful not because they don't encounter problem but they never relent on pursuing there goal and also they realize the mistake and they work towards it.

Alot of people have lost it just because they never know how to deal with there short comings which is failure and instead of working toward making amendment they decide to let go of what they are pursuing and this make them to feel reluctant and they accept failure.

In life in one way or the other we are meant to face on difficulties or the other but the way we attend to each of it will determine our success and our victory,many today are losers just because they are afraid of failing and they abandon there success way for a non imaginable ways, some because of fear to fail they are being detained by failure because being running from failure always make one a failure.

You will never see a successful person thinking of failure because they know is bound to happen and they know is through failure they will know the actual answer to the problem on ground and it will lead to there stepping stone for success.

How to deal with failure

The listed below are some of ways you can deal with failure if you encounter one

  • Recognise and accept your emotions;

Failure really hurts, mind you it at the first instance, and you need to accept that. Trying to minimise your feelings or distract yourself can be unproductive in the longer term. Just recognise your feelings and allow yourself time to hurt a bit. however, don't dwell on it for too long. That, too, can be unproductive, especially if you blame yourself. Also take a few days for the pain to lessen, and then move on.

  • Don’t take it too personal;

One of the reason why some people find failure devastating is that their identity is tied up in succeeding.

In other words, when they fail, they count themselves as a failure, rather than perceiving that they are only experiencing a setback. Try not to see failure or success as personal: instead, count it as an experience you need to have and it does not change whom you are.

  • Don’t worry about what people will say;

Sometimes our views about success are always being tied up about what other people will think about us, or about how they will judge us.

Moreover you can't ever control what people will think about you,nor should you ever do something just because you want to please other people.

Note that it is easier to accept both success and failure if you can define them in your own terms, and do things because that will please you not because you want to please others.

  • Cultivate the habit of not blaming others;

We have all met people who are always ready to blame others or events for their lack of success. It is important to recognise when other, external factors have affected your success. You don’t need to and should not try to blame yourself for everything, particularly if it is outside your control.however, recognise what you yourself could have done to improve matters. For example, could you have trained or worked harder? Was your revision really all that it could have been? Did you really prepare for that interview in the best possible way?

  • Use failure as a way to improve;

Don’t think of failure as failure. Instead, think of it as life’s way of showing you that you need to improve, In particular, ask yourself what you could have done differently to achieve a better result. Then consider how you could put that into practice to help you to improve for next time

Using all those listed above can help you to deal with failure whenever you encounter one and also remember the way we define failure in our own terms,the way we have solution to it when we encounter one failure in our way if achieving success and also have this in mind that no everyone is perfect that mean is certain to experience one failure or the other in out success race.

My own definition of failure : to me failure is the first step to take to access success and without passing through failure you can never be successful.

What about your own,what is your definition of failure remember this will always ease you whenever you can define it in your terms.

See you in the next post

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