How to be a successful person

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Good afternoon everyone, hope your day is going on well like you all expected? I'm here again will another article, hope you have read my previous article on "how to overcome challenges" and "how to deal with failure" if yes hope you have learnt something out of it? And if you haven't read it then try as much as possible to read it.

So let go to today topic which is "how to be a successful person" in my previous article I made a statement that "failure is a stepping stone to success" and before you can be successful you need to first pass through failure which is the difficulties you encounter during a successful project.

Success don't just occur in one day it takes a lot of strategic, planning, thinking, self motivation to succeed, without you planning on what you want to do or without you strategizing on what you want to do, there won't be any thing called success, or is it possible to just wake up and start a business without knowing want the business entails or without asking information about the business you are about to invest on,the only time you fail is when you never prepare but if you are prepared even if they are some glitch you will know you need to patch it and move on but when you aren't prepared that is when you feel down when there is a glitch.

Let go to the deep part of the articles which is how to be successful,ask yourself this question how can I be successful? If you are finding it difficult to have an answer check the listed below to know how you can be successful.

How to Be Successful

1) Stop Looking for the Silver Bullet

The silver bullet is that you need to put in the work everyday for years, no matter how many times people tell you that, you’re still going to dig around for the secret answer.

Do you know why?Because you don’t want to put in the work.You want to be an overnight success and is not possible,never going to happen,So if I were you, i will start creating.

2) Start Creating Better Goals;

‘Your goal is to make a lot of money’.And you’re wondering why you still haven’t made it. Do you know why? because your goal isn’t actionable.

Money is great but it won’t leave you fulfilled.

What’s your big life purpose?

I once told you in my previous article that "the way you define failure will determine how you will be successful" and this also is applicable to success, maybe being successful to you means taking action to build a large business corporation in the world,that means, you will need money.

The question is how much money do you need to help solve those problems?

Get a calculator, reach out to some nonprofits and start crunching numbers.Then, use that exact number as your goal.And add an exact date to it.

e.g I want to make some million by December 31st, 2021 to invest in building a large corporation in the world and create alot of employment for the masses.

Now you’ve got a specific goal, a date to achieve it by and a purpose for achieving it.

3)Stop Looking for Validation

If you are looking for ways to be successful in life, you’re not going to find it in the people around you. Unless, everyone around you is a successful.

All those that are dear to doesn't need to approve your business ideas.

Live life your way. Stop looking to others for validation or to know if you are on the right track or not.

Wanna know how you’re on the right track? ask yourself, ‘Am I living the life I want?’

If the answer is yes, you’re on the right track and if the answer is no, you’ve got some changes to make,don’t be clouded by others thinking.

People will always think they know what is best for you,but only you will know what is best for you,trust yourself a bit more and you will realize you know what you are doing.

4) Start Living Your Dreams

Being successful in life is not about a magical moment when everything falls into place,It is about the little moments in between.

Moments where you’re happy. Moments that you’re really soaking in.

But truth is, unless you take those baby steps, you won’t really know whether it’s something you want or something you think you want.

5) Stop Looking for a Mentor

There is nothing wrong with mentorship. It can actually be really great for building your career.

Most people do not want mentorship though, they want someone to do all the work for them.

Entrepreneurship and being successful is all about taking ownership.

But what you need to realize is that the best thing about entrepreneurship is that you can create your business any way you want and if you get a mentor to help you make decisions it is basically like having a boss oversee your work, you start to lose that freedom that you really wanted.

If you constantly have people guiding you on your journey, your wins are not really your wins and your losses are not really your losses.

If you do not take ownership of your wins and losses, you will get that ‘OMG! I DID IT!’ feeling.

And you also never learn from your mistakes because they were not your mistakes in the first place,you are going to make bad decisions but you will make some great ones too,you really do not need a mentor to teach you on how to be successful, especially if your goal is to live life on your own terms.

6) Start Building Your Expertise

You do not need to be perfect in one day, because perfection aren't make in a day, but you can start building up to it,if you consistently take the time every day to invest in your growth, you’ll be amazed by your growth a year from now.

If you’re a writer, write every day for a year.

By trying out different writing styles and pumping out consistent content, you’ll likely realize that you’ve started to amass a loyal following,building your expertise requires effort and your expertise will help you find your answer to the question of how to be successful.

7) Stop Blocking Yourself

Roadblocks, bad days, failures, procrastination: what do they have in common? They’re all in your head.

I am so used to roadblocks that my instant reaction in finding the workaround.

I have done some weird stuff just to jump over obstacles, yesterday I had a bad day and then halfway through the day, I realized I just had a bad sleep the night before and I just started laughing. Why? Because I realized that the solution to my problem was easy. All I needed to do is go to bed earlier that night. Next day? It was like the bad day never happened.

Your success can never be blocked by an external force,there is always a solution around you, and that solution almost comes from removing a mental barrier in your head,if you need to change anything about yourself, change your perspective.

8) Start Doing being successful

You can not achieve success if you are not doing anything,there is no big financial reward just for showing need to put in the time and energy into building something.

Note - all successful people are creators.

Every successful man/woman are creator of one things or the other,and if you devote your life to being a creator, you could eventually start to see what it takes to be successful,but it takes time and consistent effort, and I know it is easier to just put on Netflix and turn off your brain after a work day, but the results you want to see come from keeping your brain turned on after hours. By outworking those around you.

Being successful comes down to you,I could list a million more tricks about how to be successful in life but if you are not willing to do the work, it won’t pay off,you have finish reading this article.

So you now have your own choices to make either to be a successful person or a successful failure.

See you in the next article and don't forget to read my previous articles.

Thanks you as you do so,also follow us so that you won't miss any article.

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