GOVERNMENT HOUSE: The house of wolf in human clothing

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1 year ago

Good morning everyone today being 25/10/21 and time 10:06am,I was just thinking about what to write and suddenly like a blink of an eyes the topics ring in my head saying tranquilitytopzytee write on this and surely the inspiration began to come one by one.

Hope you all going to found it interesting after you have finish reading it.

I know some people will already know what the article will entails seeing the headline,am I lying to say the government house is full of wolves in sheep clothing apparently capital NO,the house is full of deceivers but before that let talk about the idioms "wolf in sheep's clothing".

What did I mean by "wolf in sheep's clothing",I think many would have be conversant with this word is not a new word rather but a use word to qualify a pretender,player, deceivers,liar and so on.

So tell me which of all this word above is not a quality of those in the government, during there propaganda they will come with alot of sweet words they will do this and that unfortunately what they wanted to do is in there inner man and all what they says before they are being elect are the opposite of what they will actually do when they actually get to that position they are aspiring for, before they get there they will be generous, submissive,calm but let them get what they want they become so arrogant,unkind,avoid correction because they don't think all what they are doing is very good in there eyes whereas is affecting the masses,they become self centered they don't care what the masses are facing but the only thing they care about is themselves what will surely favor them not what will favor the citizens that actually elect them.

Some will even promise to do this and that just for them to get there but after they reach that position they forget all there promises not because of anything but because they are wolf in human clothing,they manipulate other to comfort themselves and they use and dumb you after them attain that position they are aspiring for, some can even go along way by doing alot of things just to make people vote for them but there real character will show up when they attain that position.

Wolf in sheep clothing fill the government house they are loyal at first but they become disloyal to you when you have take them to that position they want some will even become ingrate they will even be finding all the possible means of hurting you instead of showing gratitude,this are all what they are and the government is fill with them, is hard to know them at first but when they actually get what they want there real altitude is going to pop up the real man in them is going to show up,I saying goes thus that until a poor person become rich that when you will know there real altitude and this is what we have in government today those that pretend to be what they aren't,those that don't care.

Question for all

  • How can we know this wolves in sheep clothing before they penetrate us?

  • What can we do if they have penetrate us or have use us to achieve there aims?

This are questions I will like us all to be asking ourselves how can we stop this people from taking that position with there fake agenda and how we can actually know those with good intentions and with good agenda that will benefit everyone and not there family only,how to remove the bad egg from the good egg is what we need to know.

And after knowing this i think that government house will be fill with good people and with those whose there agenda can work for us all.





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1 year ago


LolšŸ¤£ since i grow up i hate the ways government works. I Pray one day they should change and start doing good things for there people

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1 year ago

It always pains me to see how the government works in a democratic country

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1 year ago