Change in tide[an experience]

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What did you understand by change in tide? To me change of tide varies, it can come in different ways, like good to bad, bad to good, good to better, good to worst and so on but going to talk about a good to bad experience of mine, sit tight and read.

I'm Micheal, first son in a family of three, here is how it started.

Some years back me and my family are very happy and prosperous in everything dad has more than four cars and he also has another set of cars he hired to people so that they can deliver to him on a weekly basis and mom deals cloth and clothing accessories which she always order from a country abroad and I be the first son around during this period,I was always pampered by mom and dad wherever they go I followed them, which make us to live happily but problem emerge suddenly.

How tide change for us

We decide to live our formal house to another house which dad just built, before that can finish building and furnish the house, it took him some years but during this period have already has a junior sister already five years old and mom already pregnant with another baby in her womb.

On the day we roof the building alot of people join us to celebrate with us atleast we use eight cars to convey people to the place and we all party and merry.

Tide change for us

On the first year of us living in the new house my sister start developing sickness she was admitted and later relieve and she was discharged during this period dad is not around leaving mom,I and my sister all alone.

After my sister was discharged the following week she became so sick that she faint and mom Carry her and start running with her and (mind you where our house is located is a new site and we only have two houses then in our street and others surrounding is feel with bushes) back to mom carrying my sister she start running to the other street in search of people that can help her and after alot of prayer she regain consciousness and things are back to normal the next day dad came back and I was ask to go and stay with my mom mother and the day before I left my sister was admitted the one week later I saw my dad car opposite my grandma house and I ran to greet him but he send me away but as a stubborn boy I decide to hide but was I saw is a small coffin being buried as if that is not enough do you remember that mom is pregnant she already gave birth to a boy during those period and after some weeks that my sister left the world my brother also followed she died two weeks after this make the happy home to become sour mom loses everything during this period same goes to dad he lost everything just to make my sister and brother to be alive but unfortunately money can't buy it and they took the money and death collect there life till now that space and the house always make me to cry, like everything just turn to sorrow in a blinks of an eye,mom and dad loses and they become bankrupt till now they are still affected by past event and the writer also is affected by the past event.

A change of tide from good to bad, mine experiencein what about you? what is your experience about change of tide?

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Change of tide happens 24/7 frequently we are not even aware if it. You need to be flexible, let go of norms, values, habits, everything that's dear to you if you want to be happy.

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