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Good morning everyone actually is 01:49 am here by my time zone we are actually in the morning here with a silent all over the place because people are in deep sleep because is still midnight and am here still looking for what to write on until I come across #PromptFactory which gives the right to write in different ideas you wish and it was brought up into lime light by@meitanteikudo and after reading alot of articles about prompt factory the one that inspired me was written by @MizLhaine and I know come to conclusion that I won't be the last to write my own ideas on random word and below are my random word after searching for random words on, below are my random word

The first on the list is


Can't forget my fine-art teacher back then who later happen to be my pastor later on that man was a strict man when it comes with drawing you must know how to draw anything to just express yourself or else you receive the beating of your life the man is the one that make me know that most of drawing we see has is own meaning and is only the artist that can actually says what the drawing means because is just the expression of that person that lead to the drawing being made, since then have been using drawing to express my feeling to anyone I feel like talking to but I found it difficult to tell them or a bit shy just draw something and show it to the person and get what this is how I gain my confidence to talk with that person because I will use the drawing to explain things I found it difficult to say before and it really help me alot.

The second on the list is


Seriously there is not someone in this life that doesn't know how to make something is either to make something to destroy or to make something to rebuild you will surely know and what to make depends on the maker who which to make something and without a proper preparation nothing can be make because you can just woke up and decide to make a soup without preparing the ingredients or you can just woke up someday that you want to make a set of table without you preparing the materials and equipment to use in making one who mean before you can make anything you need to dedicate time for preparation towards what you are making or else you found yourself being stagnant in one place because of lack of preparing in what you want to make.

The third on the list is


You need to have a thorough interface with someone before you can know the behaviour of the person you are dealing with and in a business that involves a stranger you need to do an interface communication so as to know whom you are dealing with not just that you just talk on phone and think this person can hurt me but you need to have an interface so that you can really get to know how the person you talking with and having a good interface with the person will let you know him/her better not just concluding from distance that this person is a good man or woman but a good interface rapor with the person you dealing with will actually make you to be at peace with that person and you will not be having a doubt mind with the person,you having a good interface with will have shown you the kind of behavior, altitude the person has also having a good interface with one partner with actually make you trust them the more a good interface will always bring about a long lasting relationship.

The fourth on the list is


Seriously I always felt for the dumb because the can't alter any word and this word is a main vital part of human life,just imagine someone who aren't able to say a word seeing someone that is about to be beating how is it going to tell the person when he can't even alter one,word can actually make some one goes mad,get kill,get heal let just imagine we are all dump just think of what will happen every where will just be rugged because we won't be able to communicate better instead we will all be lonely looking for what we are suppose to see if we can alter that word out, imagine a dumb finding a pins how is he/she going to describe it,don't just know how but let assume he can day a word he will just ask am looking for a pin and where the pin is going to be showed to him,as eyes and ear and mouth is important so the same thing as word because without word alot of things will have destroy,if you are against it then prove me wrong.

The fifth on the list is


This life we are surely you will be provoke I don't know how patient you are to anger people will surely provoke you, truthfully speaking i don't see any one that says he or she is perfect and he won't experience one or two anger because whenever you are being angry about something you will surely be furious and it will provoke you even in the Bible Jesus Christ was provoke by the tree that suppose to sow a seed but actually didn't sow any,it makes Christ to be furious that he curse the tree,so in one step of our life we will surely experience one thing or the other that will lead to us being provoke. you can just be walking and someone step on your toes and instead of apologizing he or she still have the gut to abuse you and surely if you don't even want to feel offended before that abuse will surely provoke you to do the worse and surely we will be provoke in one way or the other but the ability to control ourselves give us the control over it(provoke),if we are the one that always take things personal or you get angry too much surely you will always be provoke daily unless someone leave a space for human in the sense that if you accept that human will surely do this to me then you won't be provoke because you already leave the space for people to abuse you and it will help you to overcome being provoke.

Done with the random word which involves using idea and not real definition of word to explain, actually it really helps to write many word as required by the bot and site really love this thanks to @meitanteikudo for bringing out this ways of writing thumb up to you also same goes to my inspiration @MizLhaine thanks you very much.

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See you in the next post still on #promptfactory but in different ways of expressing the real ideas.

Bye for you all

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