Are we human or beast

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1 year ago

Good day everyone, hope I meet you all in good health and shape,new in this group and this is my first post also in here and it was inspired by @Greatwolfman post "I'm a human" actually I really want to ask this are we really human or beast? this was what comes to my mind when I was reading the article written by Greatwolfman seriously with the way we all are behaving now is it show we are human or beast,let me go into the article proper.

Firstly is what are the quality a human possesses?

Actually human being possess a lot of quality and one of it is care, let use care as a case study are we even using this quality like the way we suppose to make use of it? Do we really care about people around us? No.

We all have lost this,we don't care about eachother anymore but all what we do is care for ourself only and we forget that Christ also ask us to do this at all time, even his disciples ask him questions about it and he answer them about we caring for eachother,he told them in as much you don't do this "gives water to the thirst, give cloth to the naked,give food to the hunger you have did a terrible thing to me.

Many people forget they are suppose to be there brothers keeper but instead of being there brothers keeper they prefer being there brothers downfall,if we care about each other there won't be discrimination about gender,there won't be racist nor white killing black or black killing white,we will all lives in one accord and unity and everything will go on smoothly in our various communities.

Beast are the one killing without feeling reamorse but now human kill and they take it as nothing because they don't care anymore,how will I care about my fellow human being and I will be thinking of hurting him actually we have lost it individually we all have lost it,there aren't love,care almost all the fruit of the holy spirit human are suppose to make use of have become the thing of the past nothing like love, kindness and so on again.

All we now do is the otherwise you see someone in need instead of helping such person you even making jest of him/her that actually need your help,a rich man can't even mingle with a poor man because they aren't on the same level forgetting they are both humans,thieves robbing fellow human of his hard earn money without thinking about the state of what going to happen to the person he steal from when the love and care aren't there any longer when the only thing we know is caring for one self are we really human or beast.

If we look at the beast behavior they are very unkind,self centered, cruel,hate, selfish , they don't care and this are the qualities will now possess as a human being we do things unimaginable,I found it hard to even distinguish us from animals.

I look at our hen one day and I notice something when I was giving them food the hen with chick will be scaring away those who didn't has a child or are just growing up to become a hen away from eating and leaving those that are having chick like them to continue eating with them and when I was looking at them I now see that this is actually how humans behave, Ask me why? The reason was because they are one the same categories,on the same level with eachother and so that can row with eachother and this is how human behave they protect,care for there own but being cruel to others,they row with those they are of the same categories and they come with riches row with riches so poor should follow poor.

This is the way we now act to eachother no more love and care all what is left is beast ways of lives and animal way of lives, looking at hen also you will always sees then using there beak to hit a smaller chick on there head to scared them because they are more powerful than them,this also are the way those in power use there authority they don't care if the others are hurt but so far that there family are okay nothing concern them with others.

Hen fighting each other

Seriously using hen as an example gives me alot of ways to explain how humans behave,this also happens to human you will always see two hen fighting with other because of knowing who is powerful for those that has experience it, two male cock will fight,fight and fight untill one actually succumb to another,this is also part of ways human behave they will fight,kill eachother because of aspiring for a position they will still leave when time comes.

Humans and there beast and animals ways and quality.

Hope to see alot a change in the way we interact and behave with eachother soon.

Hope to see when we stop killing ourselves.

Hope to see when we all live in harmony regarding the skin created by one person.

Hope to see end of fighting one another soon.




Love you all see you in the next post

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1 year ago


We are humans who have forgotten it's true identity

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1 year ago

As far as I know, we are all human beings. But there are some beast in it. I don't know what will happen. But we have to develop as good people.

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1 year ago

Being a good individually matter the most for a successful community been surrounded with people living one another.

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1 year ago