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Vinsmoke Sanji

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1 year ago

This sweet yet cruel dilemma I faced

A forlorn Theseus trapped in a maze

I stare at the beauties whom I can't caress

Love struck, my existence is now a mess

So near yet so far, unreachable

So clear yet so vague, unfathomable

Should i choose this lively girl so fair?

Or this profound woman with raven hair?

On my left is Nami counting her money

On my right is Robin reviewing history

Don't know now which way I would look

Gotta stop for now, Luffy asked me to cook

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you wrote it nicely. i am going to susbcribe you will you help me to by doing this. i think we can we help each other to grow.

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1 year ago

Thank you for the appreciation. Sure let me subscribe you back. Please consider joining to the Anime community. God bless.

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1 year ago