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How To Trade Cryptocurrencies On Autopilot With AI!

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AI is the future of automation, where less efforts translate into greater returns. In the exciting space of finance and cryptocurrencies, AI trading bots have emerged as a viable solution to automate the process of buying low and selling high within preset trading parameters. Having availed multiple trading bots in the past such as Pionex, Kucoin & Huobi to make profitable trades, suffice to say that there is another formidable player in town whom I’d like to explore further. 

Introducing One Button Capital 

One Button Capital, as it’s name suggests, brings automation to a whole new level at the click of a button! Live since 2020, One Button Capital is a collection of AI-driven trading bots which trade 24/7 to effectively manage your cryptocurrency portfolio, outperforming the market by 4% every month. In fact, equipped with a stop-loss feature, the AI safeguards your portfolio when markets are moving down. 

The Technology Behind The AI 

The AI models use recurrent neural networks and reinforcement learning to maximize returns while trading cryptocurrencies. These models are built on architectures similar to those used by major tech companies like Amazon, Google & Facebook for data processing and analytics. 

The model is your computerized agent on a mission to generate profit that trades on the assigned market on your behalf.

Neural networks employed in One Button Capital are not rule-based algorithms/ arbitrage strategies/ trend-following strategies, but rather a model trained using historical market data that, using new market data as input, can dynamically make its own decisions autonomously much like a human brain, 24/7. 

OB Trader bots perform market scans on 1- and 4-hour charts. Based on the latest data and detected price patterns, the bots decide if it’s a BUY, SELL, or HOLD signal. Taking into account factors like the amount of risk and the expected change in the market, the bots then calculate the confidence threshold, ranging from 0–100, which would then be used to decide the amount of assets to be bought/sold. 

For further reading on the technology behind One Button Capital, click here

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There are various different strategies available, each tailored for different market conditions and investment preferences. Overall, the Performer v2 seems to be the most wholesome bot, whilst the Solar is the most conservative and safest AI.

While also affected by adverse market swings, the bots do a good job to buffer the market losses.

Historical Performance

On an average, the AI bots beat the market by 4% every month. As depicted on the chart below, the AI would retrospectively have spared the investor from the -61% & -68% losses on ETH and BTC respectively, during the crypto winter months from November 2021 until now! 

Performance of the AI bot vs simply holding BTC & ETH. 

The number of trades executed by the AI per day for the past 3 months.

Supported Exchanges 

Binance, Binance.US, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Bitvavo, Bitpanda Pro. More exchanges are underway.

How Do Bots Trade?

The bots access your cryptocurrency exchange (e.g., Binance) via the API key, with no withdrawal access. As such, rest assured that you do not have to entrust your funds to another 3rd party platform.



One Button Capital is free to use for portfolios of up to $150. Beyond that, various plans are available according to different trading needs. The flexible ‘pay as you go plan’ utilizes prepaid credit in the form of OB tokens (OBT), which offer a tiered trading volume discount according to the amount of tokens held.


  • Simplifies cryptocurrency portfolio management — one button is literally all it takes!

  • Good performance during slowly moving markets

  • Available stop-loss in case of market crashes

  • Transparent statistics — publicly available data about the bots and their performance


  • Insufficient trading data on market pairs and bot types; as such difficult to ascertain which bot works best under which market conditions. 

  • Can only trade in 1/4-hour intervals.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, One Button Capital is an innovative trading AI that lets people easily create trading bots on their favorite exchanges with one click of a button. Click here to sign up & enjoy a 10% cashback off trading fees using One Button Capital! 

What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to comment down below, and stay tuned for further updates and tutorial on navigating the ecosystem of One Button Capital! 

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