Meet The Inspirational speaker Born With His Head Upside-Down

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4 years ago

This is a story of hope, faith and determination. It is the story of Claudio Vieira de Oliveira, 37, who was born with his neck folded back on itself, as well as badly deformed legs and almost no use of his arms and hands. He has defied all odds to become an inspiration to the world.

Claudio, from Monte Santo, Brazil, despite all the disadvantages, graduated as an accountant and become an inspirational speaker.

This is really touching, I wish him all his heartdesires, if nah some now dem go turn beggars after concluding their world has ended since they re deformed. It is well with you

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This is someone who has defeated his own weakness, that's the greatest victory anyone can win. It is an admirable achievement.

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4 years ago