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The concept of true happiness and how to obtain it

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Happiness is the most important thing that a person searches for in his life. All that a person does is search for things and things that fill with that refreshing, beautiful feeling, which is happiness that makes a pure soul and adds vitality to his day and his life.

What is the meaning of the word happiness?

Happiness in the Arabic language is relief and joy and everything that makes the soul happy and joyful.

Happiness is the reassurance of the hearts and works to ease the mind and explain the chest.

Some consider happiness as a mystery to know the things and things that are loved and that work on one's sense of that feeling, which is called happiness.

As for the definition of happiness in itself, it differs from one person to another, which is linked to many factors and reasons. Happiness has many types.

The concept of happiness in philosophy

Happiness does not have a single concept and cannot be considered as a magic formula, as it was a mystery and the idea that dominated the philosophers of antiquity and among these philosophers and their opinion on the concept and description of happiness:

  • The German philosopher, "Friedrich Nietzsche", who sees happiness as the constituent and will when people resist in order to obtain and recover their will, they generate a feeling of happiness, and from a statement about happiness "happiness is the feeling that your strength increases."

  • The Greek philosopher "Socrates", who is considered one of the most important ancient philosophers, who knows happiness as stemming from the inner success that a person feels, as it does not come as gifts or rewards from outside, and among his most important sayings is "The secret of happiness is not in the pursuit of more, but in developing your ability to Enjoy a little ”.

  • Confucius, the first Chinese philosopher, who described happiness as the knowledge and perception of people about the connection between their feelings, thoughts and behaviors, and from his sayings about happiness, "happiness" is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • The philosopher “Plato” is a student of the Greek philosopher “Socrates.” Therefore, we find that their definition of happiness is similar, as Plato sees that happiness is a person’s feeling of contentment and that a person makes an accomplishment that is self-actualizing even if they are just small or simple accomplishments, such as finishing reading an interesting story or You reach a specific body weight and other simple things that will make you feel happy. Among his words about happiness, "Happiness is the knowledge of good and evil."

  • The Greek philosopher "Aristotle", who was one of the students of the philosopher "Plato", therefore we find in a recipe for happiness a similarity with his teacher "Plato", who was influenced by him in a recipe for happiness, where Aristotle describes it as not like a grant or gift given to us by others, but happiness is something we create and create ourselves. Happiness is our inner strength, which requires us to protect it from anything and everything that threatens it, and from his words about happiness, happiness depends on us.

Happiness and its concept in psychology

The concept of happiness in psychology is the feeling of happiness and satisfaction with your life, a feeling that is repeated as a result of pleasant feelings and emotions, so it can be said that happiness in psychology is determined according to the nature of the individual and the ways of dealing with the circumstances surrounding him and the situations of his daily life that he is going through.

The American psychologist Martin Seligman, who worked on the development of psychology and established what is called “positive psychology,” says the scientist, Seligman, that happiness has three aspects: the new life, the enjoyable life, and the meaningful life.

An enjoyable life can be reached by enjoying everything around us, no matter how simple it is, and by working to satisfy our basic needs, and then we work to discover aspects of our strength and exploit them in order to improve our life and its quality, and this is what was called the new life, and finally, that our life has meaning and a goal that makes us feel A deep and inner psychological fullness that results in an overwhelming happiness through our access to that meaning and meaning in our life.

The true causes of happiness and ways to obtain it

Happiness is relative, meaning it cannot be defined or attained, it differs from one person to another, its causes differ from one personality to another, and the factors surrounding that personality, but in general, a feeling of comfort, contentment, a feeling of vitality and activity that envelops your heart and soul.

Among the reasons for happiness are:

  • The family and its presence next to the person is one of the secrets of happiness, as some may feel depression and pessimism because of loneliness, but due to the presence of family and friends, this feeling erases, a happy, connected family is the title of a happy happy home.

  • Health and wellness is a secret and one of the causes of happiness that may not be noticed by some people. Good health and lack of feeling of pains or pains alone is happiness. A patient who has a fragile body and suffers from it may not feel happy and be preoccupied with it.

  • Security and safety The feeling of happiness stemming from tranquility and self-prayer suggests when a person feels safe, stable and relaxed, so that it does not paralyze worry or distract his mind.

  • Having a purpose and meaning in life helps one to strive and move forward in life in search of happiness, and when he finds it, it cannot be described as the feeling that is called happiness.

  • Money, where some believe that happiness lies in money, but the large number of money means the large number of spending and spending and the increase in conflict and worries over people.

  • Happiness is the children, and this has been mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. Children are the decorations and joy of life. Children are the colors that add joy and vitality to that dark world.

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