Symptoms of high body fat percentage

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Sugar is one of the most harmful ingredients in the body. Not only because it contains a huge amount of calories, but because it has a bad effect on the metabolism process, raising blood cholesterol, insulin resistance and fat accumulation in dangerous areas, including the liver and abdomen, which leads to many diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer, the Spanish newspaper mejorconsalud.

Putting aside what people are trading about fat, we find that fats are in fact an essential macro nutrient for our health, and without enough fats in our diet, skin, hair, hormones, energy levels and metabolic functions can suffer, according to the Australian version of Half Post.

Scientists have said that millions of people in their twenties and thirties should be given statin drugs - lowering cholesterol levels in the blood - as a recent study showed that these drugs reduce deaths from heart disease.

The results of the study, prepared at Imperial College London, UK, challenge guidelines that make it difficult for patients of younger ages to receive 5p-a-day pills, even if they have high levels of cholesterol.

And according to the British newspaper Telegraph, the new study is considered the most detailed compared to similar studies. It focuses on the relationship between cholesterol, cholesterol-lowering statins, and mortality.

The real problem is that many people do not realize their high cholesterol, especially since the symptoms accompanying this are difficult to detect, which leads to the emergence of more serious health problems, such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and kidney failure.

In order to avoid these problems, the American Steptohealth site said that it is very important to identify the signs that may help detect high cholesterol early, such as:

1- Swelling and numbness of the limbs:

Swelling of the extremities and feeling numbness is one of the primary symptoms of high cholesterol. This is due to the accumulation of fats, which negatively affects blood circulation, as well as a decrease in the cells' supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

2- halitosis

Bad breath, known as "halitosis," is among the common signs of people suffering from high cholesterol. Given that the liver is responsible for the secretion of this substance, the high level of cholesterol causes great difficulties during the digestive process, which may lead to dry mouth and the emission of unpleasant odors from it.

3- Flatulence and indigestion

Unstable levels of cholesterol are a strong cause of persistent bouts of indigestion and flatulence. In addition, high levels of fats in the blood and liver affect the metabolism or metabolism, and also hamper the digestive process, especially when eating foods rich in fat.

4- Dizziness and headache

The accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries negatively affects blood circulation and supplies cells with oxygen, which leads to feelings of dizziness, loss of balance and severe headaches.

5- Problems with eyesight

High cholesterol levels cause visual problems. This could cause permanent damage if not treated early. It is also common to have various symptoms such as yellowing, swollen, inflamed eyes and blurred vision.

6- Constipation

Due to the effect of the accumulation of fats in the arteries on the digestive process, this causes obstruction of the intestines and the occurrence of constipation attacks. Although this problem may be the result of multiple factors, the most prominent of which is due to the unstable cholesterol level in the body.

7- Chest pain

One of the symptoms of high cholesterol that is easy to notice is the feeling of chest pain. Usually this is an urgent reason to consult a doctor immediately. Although chest pain is related to many other diseases, it is often associated with high cholesterol in the blood. In fact, the accumulation of fats in the arteries restricts blood flow, and thus, it can lead to high blood pressure.

8- Chronic fatigue and asthenia

Feeling weak and tired, in addition to the desire to sleep for long hours, is usually the result of malnutrition, excessive physical activity or an illness. However, very few people know that these signs are clear evidence of high cholesterol. As a result of the effect of this substance on blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to cells, mental and physical problems appear in humans.

9- Skin problems

A person may develop urticaria and other skin diseases if the body has difficulty regulating cholesterol levels in the blood. The symptoms of these diseases are manifested in humans through the emergence of red spots, infections, and an uncomfortable feeling of itching that is difficult to control.

10- Food allergy

People with high cholesterol may be allergic to certain foods. Although these conditions may be caused by many factors, excessive fat accumulation in the arteries and liver may be partly responsible.

Meanwhile, the most common symptoms of high cholesterol usually appear after eating fatty foods or meat. Given the severity of high cholesterol in the blood, it is necessary to consult a doctor and conduct some tests. On the other hand, high cholesterol may not affect your health at first, but it does make dangerous changes to your health system over time, and therefore, you have to take care of yourself well.

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