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Secrets of self-development and strength of character

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Self development

Self-development concept:

Self-development has many meanings, so raising oneself is developing it, and positive self-management is the development and advancement of the person.

Man is developed automatically from birth, so the family and society develop man, educate him on ethics and train himself in developing himself.

Plato has emphasized in his philosophies that the education of a person to himself has a greater impact on the soul than the raising of others for him, and therefore he supports that man develop himself and acquire positive behaviors and reject negative behaviors.

From this standpoint, the importance of self-development is evident. Management scholars, ethicists, psychologists and sociologists have competed in writing books and preparing lectures on the importance of the self, as self-development is important, whether at the individual or community level .. It is not possible in my view that the situation of families and societies will be correct unless the development is Man is effective and continuous, and there is no doubt that God Almighty has deposited skills and abilities in man’s soul that make him contribute to the development of man himself.

The scientific concept of self-development

Self-development is a method that works to develop and acquire any skill, information, or behavior that makes a person feel contented and inner peace and helps him focus on his goals in life and achieve them, preparing him and preparing him to deal with any obstacle that prevents him from doing so.

A collection of tips to help you on your journey towards self-development and character building

1- Read one book a day, as this is enough to add to you a lot of information that may be useful to you

2- Choose one of the living languages, learn and master them, as this step will increase your awareness as it spreads confidence in yourself and opens new horizons for you.

3- You must do one of the sports. A healthy mind in a healthy body and a healthy body does not come except with sports.

4- Seek to attend practical seminars and training courses in the field that attracts your attention

5- Always try to have the house in front of you clean, especially your room, as it is the place in which you settle most of the time, and your eyes must return to the order and order.

6- Bring a piece of paper and write down everything you fear and start dealing with matters one by one.

7 - Waking up early is one of the most important things that you must get used to, and keep breakfast early in order to provide your body with the energy it needs.

8- Ask for opinion and assistance from those around you, as this will help you discover your mistakes in addition to solving them.

9- Bring a piece of paper and write down all the things that you must do in this month and strive to accomplish those tasks one by one.

10- Try to give up the bad habits that will delay you and hinder your progress.

11- Avoid everyone who leads you to frustration

12- Play some intelligence games that increase your thinking skill

13- Do not remember the past except for what is good and beautiful and leave all bad things behind your back and make sure that the past does not return

14 - When you feel tired, take a long rest so that you can continue your work again, as the accumulated effort and fatigue will harm your health.

Maslow stated the most important habits of successful people:

1- Realizing the facts

2- They accept everything around them as it is and even adapt to it

3- When there is any problem, they focus on themselves well

4- Successful people always have a good sense of humor

5- They care about the happiness of everyone around them

6- Able to appreciate situations and experiences in life.

7- They look at life with a sound objective view.

Strength of Personality

Some consider personal strength to be the ability to control others

Is the teacher who students shudder from and controls the class strong personality?

Is everyone who imposes his opinion on others is a strong personality?

A dominant personality whose request is not rejected is not considered a strong character

Control may be intimidation and terror

The teacher, for example, may control the dismissal because he threatens the students and hits them, and you may find this same teacher standing frightened and trembling in front of the director or minister, so he cannot be considered strong in character.

Others consider the strong personality as the one who can earn more money than others and thus reach a distinguished social position

This definition accuses the honest people of being weak in character, so it cannot be accepted

Some consider the strong personality as the personality that can behave successfully in different situations

In fact, the successful behavior may be unethical at times, for example, the trader may succeed in his trade with great success due to his reliance on fraud and lying as a means of disposing of his trade, and this definition becomes unacceptable ..

So what is the correct definition?

The strong personality .. is the personality that continues to grow and develop

The owner of the stony mentality .. weak personality

And whoever does not benefit from his time, health and capabilities ... is weak in character

He who does not modify his behavior and give up his mistakes .. also be weak in character

Personal strength also means .. the ability to make a right choice .. to distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong .. and awareness of the present reality .. and anticipation of the future

Growth and development are prerequisites for your personality to be strong and fruitful at the same time

Are there personal strengthening exercises?

Personality training exercises

Heredity and the power of personality

Heredity is a fundamental pillar in the formation of personality, but the factors that a person inherits are not constant, but interact with the environment from the first moment of the formation of the fetus in the womb, and thus the opportunity remains available to us to modify our behavior and correct our crooked personalities when we grow up, which is called corrective self-education

Here are some exercises that help modify wrong behavior to increase self-confidence and strengthen personality

Most of the exercises are easy and simple, and some may underestimate them for their simplicity, but they are effective (provided that they adhere to them and repeat them regularly, and the result will appear gradually)

Do not expect magic results in a day or two, as the accumulation of wrong behavior over many years needs time and patience to correct and correct it, and this depends on the extent of your desire to change and correct

Personality strengthening exercises can be divided into:

First - Exercises for the body

They include:

General fitness training

Motor corrective exercises

Kinetic agility exercises First - General fitness exercises

Personal strength is closely related to overall health

These exercises help to enjoy a high physical fitness:

1- Lie on the back, then move the legs and thighs in the air (as if you were riding a bicycle) and continue until you feel tired

2- Lie on the abdomen and place the hands in the basin, then raise the body and lower it with fixation of the metatarsal to the ground and continue this training until a feeling of fatigue

3- Standing upright without your back being arched, then place the arms parallel to the body and start moving them in the form of a fan forward and backward several times until you get tired.

Second - exercises to correct the conditions of your body

By it, we mean correcting the wrong movements and unhealthy conditions that a person has grown up in, indirectly affecting his personality

1- Correcting the way you walk:

You must walk daily on a drawn or imagined line (such as walking parallel to a sidewalk or on a line drawn on the road, or even on the lines drawn on the tiles in your home) - this exercise helps to regularize the way you walk in a straight and healthy way

2- Correction of back curvature

Stand with your back and legs against the wall and keep your whole body as close to the wall as possible. Stay in this position for five minutes and repeat this exercise several times daily

3- Erect stature

Bring a chair straight back and sit on it and place your thighs in a horizontal line. They worked at a right angle with your legs and adjust the position of your back so that it is at a right angle with your thighs and stay in this state for as long as possible

Third - kinetic agility exercises:

Motor agility means eliminating all movements that are in excess of what is required, i.e. legalizing your motor performance so that it performs the purpose with the least possible effort and with the fewest possible movements, which increases your self-confidence and strengthens your personality

1- When using hands while talking:

Make every movement that comes out of your hands a catalyst in communicating what you mean to those who listen to you, as frequent hand movements during speech are not desirable, and this training is useful in making your motor performance graceful while you speak:

  • Sit in front of a mirror in a closed room (or in front of a video camera, according to your capabilities) and talk in front of it about a topic that interests you

  • Watch your movements as you speak

  • Imagine that you are speaking in a lecture or as a crowd, and pay attention to your every move

  • Try to avoid movements that you make that you find inappropriate or repetitive

  • Repeat this training and try to create graceful balanced movements, and you will find that you have gained more agility, which will increase your confidence when you talk to someone or in front of a group of people.

2- Do this training in a secluded place

  • Walk imagining that you are carrying a plate full of water on your head and that you are careful not to spill water on you

  • Keep your neck up and your chest forward and make your eyes look forward in a line parallel to the level of your eyesight.

  • Repeating this training increases your agility while walking

3- Sit cross-legged, then stand upright without resting your hands on the ground

  • Take five steps, then squat again without resting your hands on the ground

  • Repeat this training several times daily and you will get great agility

Fourth - Appropriate Profiles and Looks Exercises:

The features and looks that emanate from us during the dialogue have a great impact on our social relations and in leaving great effects on the souls of those around us, and these exercises will help you refine and develop the features and looks that come from you according to the situations that happen to you:

1- Sit in front of a mirror in a closed room (or in front of a video camera) alone and train yourself to come up with features and looks that express .. anger - astonishment - suspicion - approval and satisfaction - threat - and other situations

  • Notice and criticize yourself, and try to change the features that you think are inappropriate

  • Repeat this exercise every day until you are convinced that your looks and features completely express your different emotions.

2- Imitation is not a shame even for adults if it is about useful things, and you have to notice your friends in the features and looks that they show during their emotions and to imitate and imitate the features and looks that you like.

Sit in front of the mirror or camera alone and try to imitate their features and looks several times until you master them and you will acquire the ability to express that will help you to strengthen your personality.

Fifth - exercises to take appropriate postures in standing and sitting:

Different life situations require us to take certain pauses and a suitable seating method for each situation, and you must perform this training :

Disturb yourself in front of the mirror or video camera and take the appropriate positions in standing and sitting according to the different personalities that you meet, and your posture and manner of sitting must match the situations that you imagine that you actually encounter in your life and see how you look and behave in standing and sitting, which you have to try to improve until the party feels The other with your personality if he is higher than you and vice versa when he is less than you until you acquire the ability to successfully adapt in your social life with all levels.

Affective exercises include:

  • Emotional discharge exercises.

  • Courage exercises and get rid of fears.

  • Relaxation exercises.

  • Calculus exercises.

  • Emotional exercises to strengthen the personality.

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We need to develop our self for being success in life. Because if we are always live without any development it could be so bad for our future. So I think self development is so important.

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Self-development skills help to show a person's inner strength, maturity and all the qualities in it.

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Before we go for something to do, we need to develop ourself, we need to fit for those work,we neeed self believe and self esteem. You explained it so well in your article.

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Self-development helps in reaching the goals and objectives that people seek.

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