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Pros and cons of professional work addiction

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There is no doubt that work plays a major role in our life, it is the way we support ourselves and our families, and our mission can be how we define ourselves in life while proving it, and it can also directly affect how others view us, we often measure our success in life constructively. How well are we doing professionally, many people consider her job to be what they value first and foremost.

But when can a love of work become an addiction in a way that dominates one’s life in professional and personal life, and in today's digitally advanced world, technology can make it increasingly difficult to separate work and private life. Laptops, smartphones and tablets mean that work Always accessible, it has become an unwritten rule that most professional personnel must be available to work around the clock.

Many people classify themselves as workaholics and wear this term as a badge of honor for them.They are the people who live for professional work, rather than work to live, and they thrive on the excitement they get from their profession, however, how can these individuals maintain a balance Overall work-life healthy with all things in mind.

Pros of professional work addiction:

Professional work is useful and has positive results at all times and situations for employees, including excessive, burdensome or addictive professional work with many advantages and benefits, so that the positives of addiction to professional work are represented by the following:

1- If the professional employee is a professional workaholic, he is likely to have a higher output than professional work colleagues, and in theory, more work means more monthly wages and salaries, which can enhance his bank balance and create greater professional and financial stability in life Professional.

2- The professional employee who is addicted to professional work, he can feel proud of his accomplishments and his professional manager is likely to evaluate him in a higher degree than other employees in professional work, and in many cases this professional employee will be the right person when the job needs good professional performance.

3- The sense of professional self-satisfaction that a professional employee gets when you look back at a part of the professional work that he has performed can fill him with a sense of professional pride and achievement, so that this is difficult to achieve in daily life, and the sense of achievement can be beneficial to the employee's professional health and it can be It helps reduce depression.

4- Dedication to a professional job can enhance the professional skill set and will build the employee's professional knowledge and experience, enabling him to solve most of the professional problems that could arise in his job.

Cons of professional work addiction:

The disadvantages of professional work addiction are the following:

1- Many professional workaholics spend long and stressful professional work hours, but they are not particularly effective. Moreover, they may find it difficult to trust others to accomplish professional work, and thus find difficulty delegating professional tasks This tendency to be a professional employee is a control freak Turn on all, which leads to heavy and large professional workload, and more professional work hours.

2- Stress is the main downfall of professional work addiction and the ongoing professional and psychological stress resulting from the inability to leave a professional job can have severe consequences for the occupational health of the employees, mentally and physically, and severe stress can shorten the life span of employees and the fatal consequences of work addiction can be seen In many professional organizations, the professional workforce is more evident, where the younger generations of distinguished employees work through stress to work fatigue.

3- Professional work addicts can have a negative impact on the professional relations of employees, so that the professional employee spends little time to rest and relax with his loved ones, and this addiction to professional work can keep him away from his closest friends and loved ones, so that those who are addicted to their jobs and professional work often cancel Professional and social plans in favor of professional work, moreover, the pressure of constant professional work can distract and diminish the pleasure of spending much-needed time with friends and family for employees.

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