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How do you deal with your depressed partner?

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How do you deal with a depressed partner? How do you help him deal with his depression? Depressed husband and wife depressed! Here are tips to support a depressed partner and help him get out of depression?

Depression is one of the most common psychological problems facing humans in various parts of the world, and even spouses are vulnerable to depression. In this article, we will learn together about how to deal with your husband who suffers from depression or your wife who suffers from depression. Follow this article with us to learn how to deal with a depressed partner.

Steps to deal with a depressed partner

How do we deal with a depressed partner to improve married life?

Depression in one of the spouses can be very frustrating for the marital relationship, and it can be a hindrance to the continuation of this relationship. In this article, we will learn about the steps for dealing with a depressed husband or wife in order to ensure the continuation of marital life, so follow this paragraph with us.

Try to stay on the same team

The main reason for the breakdown of marriages in most of these cases is the inability of the natural partner to deal with the depressed partner, but this matter can be overcome by the two partners taking a daily walk, or the natural partner goes with the depressed partner to the specialist doctor and his support no matter how this problem persists.

Do not burst into fury

Dealing with a depressed partner can be difficult, provocative and angering, especially if depression is a reason for the partner falling short in one of his homework or family duties. This does not give you the right to yell at your depressed partner or to explode in anger in front of him, as what happens to him is not guilty for him. You must understand that he will not be able to fix his situation in this situation and you must be with him, not against him.

Help your partner get the necessary help

Depression can prevent people from realizing that they need help, so it will be your duty to convince your partner to go to a counselor to find a way to help him cope. For example, you can use some sentences such as "I love you, and I hate to see you suffer this way. Depression is very common and you should not be ashamed of what you feel, but let us visit the specialist to find out how to deal with the issue properly."

Show acceptance of your partner's feelings

Encourage the depressed partner to talk about his feelings and thoughts and do not show your sudden wonder or shock when he talks about his feelings and dark thoughts. You may hear a lot of disturbing words, such as thinking about suicide or perhaps doubting you, but make sure that these thoughts and feelings are the result of depression and you should understand your partner.

Visit a specialist doctor with your partner

It is necessary to be present during the visit to the doctor because you are definitely the first to notice the changes that have occurred in your partner, and it will be useful to inform the doctor about your observations, opinions and other matters that may be difficult for your depressed partner to speak about or even to remember. Simply being with your partner at the doctor is a necessary part of treatment.

Talk to your children about the topic

Children may not understand what is happening with their father or mother, so it will be your duty to explain to the children what is happening in a manner appropriate to their age. Take fear out of their hearts, because in many cases children are the reason why depressed parents wake up and continue their lives.

Be patient during the treatment period

The doctor may try to treat your depressed partner in several ways, starting with the least dangerous and ending with the most dangerous, such as chemical drugs. Therefore, you must be patient and not rush the results, as the statement saying "in the hurry of regret and in the deliberate safety" has always been proven.

Remember that depression is a symptom

When your partner suffers from depression, you will feel that the days are longer and that time is constant and does not move, but in fact whenever you feel this matter all you have to remember is that depression is a symptomatic condition that passes after a period of time, no matter how long or short that period.

How do you support your depressed partner?

No matter how much you try to help him overcome his depression, you will have to do some things that will improve your partner's mood. In other words, you can be supportive of your partner by taking a few simple steps that we will learn about in this paragraph.

- Be your partner's listening ear

Do not think that it is easy at all, sometimes you will have to talk for hours about matters that do not interest you and do not concern you, but you are obliged to respond to them because it is the only way to encourage your depressed partner to speak; You don't have to agree with all of the ideas your partner raises, but rather discuss them, excite them, and stir their feelings through your constant discussion with them.

- Always pay attention to his feelings

We do not mean here to show pity on your partner, but on the contrary, always feel that you depend on him and that you need him, and do all the small details that will remind him of the amount of love and happiness that you have always brought together. Kiss him constantly, make him his favorite meal, listen to him your favorite song ... etc.

- Encourage him to do exercises

It is very easy for a person with depression to stop going to the gym, visiting friends, or going out in general. Here comes your turn, you must urge him to leave the house to jog, for example, you can go out to jog together, and this is the most appropriate opportunity to talk between you.

- Do not allow him to stop working

A depressed person may stop working and feel not wanting to return to it at all. It is your duty here to prevent him in various ways from taking this step, try to tell him that you need this work and that you cannot spend on the house without his help. Even if what you are saying is not true, you must persuade him to continue working because work encourages him to return to his normal state.

- watch yourself

It is very important to ask yourself whether you are doing the right thing for your partner, and to make sure that you always support and encourage him to heal and provide everything he needs. Whatever your feelings, never show him feelings of annoyance, sadness, or oppression, as this will make the situation worse.

How do you help your partner cope with their depression?

Regardless of your awareness and understanding, you must remember that your partner who is depressed has a hard time accepting the amount of strange feelings he is feeling, so it is imperative that you help him accept and understand his feelings. Here, we'll learn how to help a depressed partner cope with their depression.

- Understand what depression means and help your partner understand it

It is essential that you understand what depression is and learn everything you can about it - you can benefit from the information in this article - and after you learn how to deal with it, you will have to explain to your partner the nature of the feelings and feelings he is experiencing, because a person suffering from depression may find it difficult to understand The amount of feelings he's going through.

- Be with him

It is not new information, as we have already discussed this idea in this article. But you can also repeat some sentences over the ear, such as "Tell me what I can do to help you," "You are important to me," or "I am here for you, and we will get through this together."

- Encourage him to get therapy

We also discussed this idea earlier, because symptoms of depression may be severe enough to cause noticeable problems in the daily activities of a depressed person, and sufferers may not realize that they need treatment, which will make it your own responsibility to convince them to do so.

- Create a supportive home environment

You can focus on healthy foods and plan meals that your depressed partner loves, and you can do some exercise with your partner because exercise improves the mood in general, and it is also possible to break the daily routine that you live with your partner at home to change the general atmosphere of the home.

You should also involve your partner in activities and plans, both small and large, so that he feels that he is still an active part of the home and family.

- Focus on small goals

You can help your partner by focusing on achieving small daily goals like getting out of bed, eating a meal or exercising, without ever having to worry about your depressed partner's thoughts about general long-term life matters.

In the end ..

Depression is normal and may affect anyone at all, so there is no need to be ashamed of the matter, but rather it is necessary to deal with it as soon as possible to avoid aggravating the situation. It is also necessary that you be the permanent support for your partner in the time of need and not give him up because you are the most able person to help him in overcoming this ordeal.

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