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HI. 2020 is a big year for us. It made us stronger, yet it allows us to be vulnerable. We are bugged by uncertainty, yet it makes us sure that we can surpass another twenty-four hours, and another three days and another week and another month until we reached the last month’s 31st day. We have our own enlivening, downcasting, tearjerker, funny, and happy moments of this year, and here is mine.

In this first series, entitled “So, meet me now.”, I decided to share my 365 days of 2020 by writing a journal dedicated to the love of my life, whom I never meet before. To give you the context behind this, I am NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) for the whole twenty-three years of my life. I was so eager and excited to him, but since he is not yet here, I documented this chaotic year for me to share it with him in the future.

And to that person, given the chance that you will read this, I want to tell you that, I am just here waiting for you and I know for sure, you are worth the wait, My Love.

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Oweee!! Ang cute naman. 🥰 Sana yung lalaking darating sa buhay mo eh mamahalin ka ng lubos. Pag pray mo yan kay Lord at Mama Mary. ☺️ Yan ginawa ko dati hahah. God bless sayo. ☺️

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2 years ago

Maraming Salamat po! Sa tamang oras ni God, naniniwala akong darating sya. Walang imposible sa pagdadasal. God Bless you as well po!

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2 years ago