BlockNG Bolivar Bridge Guide

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The Blockng Bolivar is a fresh way to move your smartBCH to the Binance smart chain.

"A people that loves freedom will in the end be free. - Simon Bolivar"

Before I proceed to show you how to use it step by step, let me explain to you why I know this site.

First, a buddy Sabs notified me that there is a problem with the shortcut for moving smartBCH to the Binance wallet.

I'm not going to go into detail about it because I'm sure some of you already know. So let's return to the main idea.

Here's a step-by-step procedure.

To begin, go to

Second, click the NEED SMARTBCH NETWORK button and connect your wallet. If you are on another network, ensure that it is smartBCH.

Third, once you've linked your wallet and are on smartBCH. Now, at the line of your wallet, press the SWAP button.

Fourth, now that you're on the SWAP step, click the below line of BCH, you may see the LAW, now click it and scroll down and search for the bcUSDT;

(Another option is to use bcBNB if you want to direct it to BNB.)

Fifth, after selecting bcUSDT, click the MAX button on the left side if you want to transfer the entire amount. Of course, defend on you what amount you want to transfer. Then press the SWAP button.

Sixth, once you've clicked the SWAP button, wait for your metamask wallet to pop up and confirm the transaction.

(Please make sure you have enough BCH for the gas fee.)

Seventh, wait for the swap process to complete. Then, once the swap is complete, you may check it, you can scroll down to the bcUSDT.

(If you select bcBNB, you must check it as you will see at BNB at the end.)

(Note: If I'm not mistaken, you only need to swap your BNB to bcBCH if you're transferring your Binance Smart Chain into SmartBCH.)


Eighth, now that you've swapped it, let's move on to BRIDGE. You can click the BRIDGE button on the same line as the swap button earlier.

Ninth, you may see it as From Binance Smart Chain to SmartBCH, but now you modify it to From SmartBCH to Binance Smart Chain. Then select USDT.

(If you select bcBNB, you may click it, just as you would on bcBCH if you are traveling from bsc to sbch.)

Tenth, click the MAX button on the left side again, followed by the SWAP button.

Eleventh, similar to what happened before. Let us wait until the confirmation is complete.

(Again, make sure you have an additional BNB for the gas fee.)

Twelfth, once you finish it, you should notice the transaction hash below the amount and a level called "Switch to BSC Network."

Thirteenth, your Metamask wallet may appear, instructing you to switch your network to BSC, confirm it, and wait.

(Once again, make sure you have an additional BNB for the gas fee.)

Fourteenth, as I mentioned in the twelfth step, you can see the transaction hash below the amount, as well as the CLAIM button and click the "MANUAL CLAIMS OF PREVIOUS TRANSACTION," which you may click as well as the transaction hash above or the VIEW EXPLORER. It will then move on to the next tab. (for shortcut you may click the transaction hash above and don't click the CLAIM yet)

(Please do not close the blockNG site tab.)

Fifteenth, go to the sonar website using the new next tab. (It is the next tab name site) As previously indicated, DO NOT CLOSE THE FIRST TAB.

(I suggest it most of all for more on the best process if you use a PC or laptop to prevent closing the initial tab, which we still require.)

Now that we've reached step 15, which is the sonar site, you can copy your transaction hash (txn hash) by clicking the little box or folder on the left side of it.

Sixteenth, Let's return to the previous tab, the blockNG website. On the Manual Claim of Previous Hash, you may find a vacant spot and Click your mouse's right button and select Paste to enter your transaction hash. The example may be seen in the picture above right now.

Seventeenth, Once you've pasted, the next step is to press the CLAIM button on the Manual section, okay? And once again confirm the wallet pop-up.

Eighteenth, if you see a "WAITING" message on the left side of your screen, simply wait for it to finish.

Nineteenth, once a CONFIRMED notification appears on the left side of the screen, you have successfully transferred your smartBCH to BsC.

Finally, you may check it on your Metamask wallet and ready to transfer it to your Binance app wallet.


Note to Remember:

As previously said, if you want to bcBNB to switch on the initial stages, it will direct it to BNB, and if you want to use it in the other direction, such as BSC to sBCH, you may change your BNB to bcBCH, as previously stated. Similar to the procedures before, you need to change it from Binance Smart Chain to smartBCH. Okay?

If you are a first-time user of this site, I recommend that you transfer a little amount initially so that you fully grasp the step-by-step process on the second try.

(Like ate MJ, always said. Thank you for ate @bmjc98, about that tips.)

For more update and info about this site, you may visit their twitter account: and you may join to their telegram group:

That's all I have to say; I hope I was able to assist you in transferring your smartBCH to Binance smart Chain.

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Thank you for this, Tohki! ❤️

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Excellent. I wish I had had this explanation days ago.

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