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How To Get Free Bitcoin?

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6 months ago

Early on bitcoin acquisition methods were very limited, the most important of these were through mining, you worked for the bitcoin network through algorithm processing, and the network paid you fees, so much so that with the rising global price Bitcoin brought them legendary profits. But as Bitcoin became more expensive, more people were added to the extraction, which led to lower wages.

But generally there are the following ways to get free bitcoin:

2- Through advertising sites

One of the most common ways to get bitcoin is through clickthrough advertising sites (PTCs). On these sites you get free bitcoin by clicking on ads. These sites usually have ways to make sure their owners aren't robots and your clicks are correct.

There are many sites such as paidverts and clixuniverse. The amount of bitcoin paid by these sites varies depending on the tariffs of each ad.

Once your wage reaches a quota, your bitcoin will be transferred to your wallet.

2- Extracting for intermediary sites

This is easier, but less costly, as it has been said before, that mining requires increased hardware and network hardening requires expensive equipment and is no longer affordable with home computers. But some sites use users' hardware resources to extract bitcoin. By joining these sites and sharing your computer processor, you participate in the process of extracting as much as you can from your computer and receiving a commission.

The tools on these sites are different for your contribution. Some of them, like getcryptotab, have a plugin installed on your browser and others work through software installation. There are many versions of these software for tablet and mobile too, the fees for these sites vary, depending on how long you have been working.

One of the common ways to get bitcoin is mining, some sites give you bitcoin using your computer's hardware, notebook, tablet or mobile phone.

2- Bonus sites (bitcoin faucet)

These sites pay you a bit of bitcoin for the length of the work you do for them. Things you do are different, such as taking a poll, posting comments, testing an app, and more. The coinworker website is an example of these sites. Your income from this method is directly related to your activity and your activity, and the more you do, the more bitcoin you get.

Through network marketing

In this way you are introducing clients to bitcoin sites and they are paying you a percentage as well, almost all the sites we mentioned in other ways have the same method as you do through advertising or collaborative mining. You can recruit new people and introduce them for the long haul.

The way to do this is often that you are given a link after you sign up and that you get money from your account by giving it to others and then registering them.

This method can make a lot of money if you can attract more people. Some sites will pay you a percentage of the income of each of your referrals, which will still increase your pay.

Which of the following methods is best for obtaining bitcoin?

As we've said, there are many ways to get bitcoins that are getting bigger every day, but it's up to you, people who have a lot of time can spend time clicking sites. Make between one and a few dollars a day. Simultaneous reward sites and relative expertise need, for example, to test software or to complete a survey. But if you don't have free time, mining sites are your next option. These sites are less profitable, depending on the hardware and application runtime on your device.

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6 months ago
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