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We recently heard about the name Lootbitss in digital currency circles, as well as frequent inquiries by users about the site causing it to be analyzed and analyzed under the blockchain homepage. This sub-magnifying lens will help you get general information about these types of websites in general.

  Old tricks through new tools!

  Traditional click-through sites operated on the Internet, most of which aimed to attract ads and visits to their websites. Such sites can be useful for people who do not have a specific job or who cannot make the most of their time. For example, we go step by step with the LootBits site.

  When you first log in, you will be prompted to sign up or log in. Registration on such sites is usually not time consuming and you will be required to enter your name and email address. Sometimes an email will be sent to the site for confirmation, which must be activated via the link sent to you. Recently, websites such as Lootbits have combined their traditional and traditional style with digital currencies to make them more attractive to the user. The way these sites work is also different. Some provide just basic instructions that the user must follow, while others set the processes that the LootBits site has to offer in the form of betting games and a variety of games.

  Playing in hopes of getting rich!

  Usually the games that are placed on such sites are very easy and tempting. Because luck and fortune in these games are the first word, even if you lose your fortune you still want to try your luck. The great thing about most of these sites is that: The luck and luck algorithms on these sites are such that the user first gets lucky and may spend some money without the need for any special capital. You can prize bitcoin templates or other digital currencies, but more interestingly, most of these sites are minimal or minimized for withdrawals, for example, at Lootbits, which equals to a 3.2 bit quintal The current bitcoin costs about 2 million tomans.

  The lucky algorithm we mentioned in the previous paragraph tries to make you a lucky person who wants to continue playing and working on this site but gradually you realize that the process is changing and you become a lucky person. .

  Now on to the LootBits website: When you first sign up and login, you get 5 diamonds or gems, with each diamond you can unlock a chance box as follows:


  Outputs usually contain a bit of bitcoin (satoshi), some xp, diamonds, a series of pictures and symbols, and eventually a blank.

  You may be initially intrigued by seeing the bitcoins you receive for free, but know that you have a long way to go for the least amount you can get, which will explain some of them. We pay.

  Invitation link

  Almost all of these websites have an invite link and you will be offered some diamonds or gems in return for inviting your friends and registering them through your link. As you can see in the photo below, different types of diamonds are placed through your invitation link:


  Doing recipes

  These sites are usually considered a prize for some of the activities that they give you, which is usually time consuming and sometimes dangerous, which we will explain in more detail below. The following photo shows some of these processes:



  Of course, not a bitcoin price forecast, but you can bet or raise the price! As shown in the following photo:


  Chance Games

  You can also enhance your diamonds by playing some random games of chance. This does not mean that your diamonds will always increase, but first you need to put some diamonds in the middle of the game; now these diamonds may grow or may shrink and lose altogether. . Here are some examples of these types of games that are popular, such as lottery, spin wheel, etc.:




  Endless goals

  You may be attracted to some of the day-to-day tasks on the site that you do by collecting a considerable amount of diamonds. You may be wondering what these diamonds are used for! You can unlock a chance box through each diamond, and the more boxes you open, the more likely you are to get bitcoin.

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