Young Night

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3 years ago

The night's young and dry,

Cold coming freezing all in its path,

Lay my head beneath my blankets

To cover from cold and warm myself,

Mosquitoes buzzing around my ears,

Begging to let them stay a minute underneath,

To let them feel some warmth,

With promises of not taking a sip.

I'm naive but would I agree??

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Nice airticle post

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2 years ago

I try to feel you but I cannot if I read this. It's a mystery to me.

Surrounded by mosquitoes during a cold night? You beg the mosquitoes to stay with you underneath your blanket? 🤔


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3 years ago

They're begging to join me under

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3 years ago

Hahahaha they're unique tho, you still hear them beneath, tested and confirmed 👌🏾

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3 years ago