Sapphire and Neel's story

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#Neel, I can't stand you anymore.

. It is no longer possible for me to have a family with you. I want a divorce.

#Neel returned home from the office. Sapphire is sitting on the sofa. As soon as Neel entered the house, he went and sat on the sofa next to Neel. Sit down and tell

#Neela .... Neel: Where is Adiba ..? Sapphire: Sleeping. Blue: Oh. Did you have dinner Sapphire: No.

#Neel: Why are you still angry with me? Sapphire: I have something to say to you. Neel: Hmm, tell me what. Sapphire: I want a divorce. Sapphire: Sapphire, don't make fun. Sapphire: I'm not kidding.

#Neel: What are you talking about? You are right. Sapphire: I'm right, my head is fine. Look, Neel, I can't stand you anymore. It is no longer possible for me to have a family with you. I want a divorce. Hearing this on Neela's face, the ground shifted from under her feet.

#Neel: What are you talking about? There may be quarrels between husband and wife, so what to say is to divorce. Sapphire: Yes, you have to divorce. I can't stand being with you now. Hearing Neela's words, tears started flowing in Neel's eyes. After loving each other for six years, Neel and Neela got married for about four years from today.

#Neel and Neela's marriage was not like Neela's mother.

#Neela's mother couldn't stand Neela. On the other hand, Neel's parents are not there. When Neel was 15 years old, they died in a car accident. Sapphire means sapphire life. One year after the marriage, one of their daughters was named Adiba.

He doesn't even know what to do when Neel is a little bad tempered. In a word, he will have no control over himself.

This morning's event .... Neil is very angry for no reason. And just at that time Adiba fell from Neela's hand. Neel loves Adiba more than his life, so seeing this, Neel's anger increases several hundred times. For this reason, for the first time in Neel's life, he put his hand on Neela's body. Neel loves Sapphire a lot. Many are jealous of their love.

#Neela used to like this anger of Neela very much before her bad tempered marriage. But after marriage can no longer tolerate. Sapphire: You can hear what happened. I want a divorce as soon as possible.

#Neela: Neela, please don't be so crazy. You don't know how much I love you. I won't live without you. Sapphire: I don't want to hear so much that I need a divorce. Sapphire: Sapphire, please give me one last chance. Sapphire thought for a while. Well, this is your last chance. Then they go home for dinner together. Neel caresses Adiba with her arms. Then Neel and Sapphire fall asleep together. Feels something heavy on the blue chest in the morning. He opened his eyes and saw a piece of his collar hugging his daughter Adiba Neel and lying on Neel's chest. Adiba loves her father as much as she loves Neel Adiba. Let's go .....

#........ Neglect ........ ........ #Part: 1 .........

#Author: Neel Chowdhury ...

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You wrote this story very nicely. You are a good writer. I like this story. Read my new article "Heart attack".

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