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Serial Killing:A tale of Some Notorious People [Part-1]

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Topics: Addiction

Definition of Serial Killer

People who kills for a specific reason,gender or age and kills for personal intention and after a periodic time with a same pattern, we can call them serial killer.Basically serial killers have a personal motive and sometimes they kill for their own happiness or satisfaction.That can varies different ways.Most of the time they are sick and they are physico.They live by own motos.But you can't tell that,"Hitlar was a serial killer."

Then how do you describe Hitlar?I'm keeping a question to you before starting.

H. H. Holmes:First Serial Killer on history

A man who was attracted in bones.Officially he confessed about 27 murders but that number was above 200.Holmes killed first a lady whose husband had a apothecary's Shop.That was just the starting.After that he made the shop into castle.When the castle work finished,he made an advertisement for girls.When interested girls came few days later they were vanished.After that he made that castle as a hotel room.But many people saw that people are entering but no one is coming back.He killed people by tourcoing and put into them different types of gasses.

He worked for money laundering and different frauds business.And his assistant was Mario Hethpath.But once he fall into trouble with money then Mario become angry and told to police about Holmes.After catching up police found so many bodies from the castle.

There were so many children bodies.Those were killed after abused.The man was sentenced to the death by electric chair.

Pedro Filho :Ideology Killer

A brazilian killer with ideology.A man who killed 140 people.The interesting part is the most dangerous person in the world who killed those people who are guilty and sentenced the death.Before the age of 18 he killed officially 40 people.Include his father.His killing mission starts at age 11.When his father was suspended from job after accusation of stealing something but that was done by the night watch man who killed a woman by raping.Then he killed that man.But after that he killed his father too at the age of 17.For killing his mother.And he ate his father's liver.Before Going to jail he confessed about 40 people but unofficially it was more than double.

When he went to jail then he got his hunt into the cage.All people are sentenced by death or everyone is connected with killing or any major crime by any how.So he killed around 35 people in jail.

He was sentence 420 years jail.But that was against the constitution.Because in Brazil 34 years is highest for a life time prisoner.They changed the constitution and make that 40 years.But after 40 years he got free.

Now he is a celebrity in Brasil.Because of his moto.Once the crime was decreased for the fear of Filho.He has a youtube channel too.

There is a novel which name is "Dexter" based on Pedro's ideology.And a series too by the same name of that book.[Highly recommended]

Edmund Kemper:A Man of Genius Brain

Family Can be effective at you learning and it can be effective for your daily life.It's a story of a worse family.Edmund was born in a family which one is educated without moralism.From the early age Edmund was different.He was healthy guy and so introvert.But that's why he was bulling by his mother and grandmother.Point to be noted that he was growing up his grandmother's house.

His mother bullied him by telling,"You are not such a guy who can date a woman or make them happy."

Everytime when he bulled then he thought to kill his mother and one day at the time of bullying he killed his mom.He slaughtered his mom and molest her and dumped her head.Same as did with her grandma too.But he was worried about their vocal cord.Because when he saw the vocal cord then he remembered those worst words and he became mad.After that he killed around 17 women.He dated with them and killed them.

But Edmund was brilliant and helped to solve many cases.But no one couldn’t catch him untill he surrendered.

There is an american series which name is "Mindhunter" based on some notorious serial killers mind.If you are interested then you can watch.

Basically there is no cast of killer.They are just a insects of the society.We should take care our mental health and of others.Because this is not a little issue.

[N.B. All pictures are taken from Google]

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Written by   2
3 months ago
Topics: Addiction
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