In Which Thing Should You Invest?

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There are two types of investment.

  • Traditional Investment: This is the old type of investment like fixed deposit,Stock market,buying apartment,Bond or land.

  • Alternative Investment: All of the alternative options of traditional investment.

Now suppose you have 1 billion doller/BDT/Rupes or anything of your local currencies?Where should you invest?

I will try to explain it by my local currencies.Because basically we are like developing countries we need to think different than the developed countries.We need to think about inflation and so many things like,"How much we will get on this investment,which bank will give us more interest bla bla bla."

That's why i will try to understand what is the better option in our country.


  • Gold is the most precious thing among the world.Just not gold,diamond,silver,copper these are called God Particel.Which are limited in the world and these are precious and stays 100% fresh year after year.So it's a good option to invest.Now if i compare gold with international stock market then we can see many differences between all stock market vs gold.I will show you about 11.5 gm of gold's price.Because this is the ideal equivalent of gold.

Gold Vs World Stock

  • If i compare the price of these two of last 100 years then you can find one interesting thing. Before 1950,the market of gold and stock market was same.After 1950 stock market started to increase because after the World War 2 the whole world all started to recover and so many trade revival happened in the world.So the price of gold couldn't beat the stock market and stock market made profit around 65000% till now.

Gold vs Our country stock

  • In our country there is not so much differences between gold and stock market.the reason is the price of the gold doesn’t run with world market.It is just fixed by our some local businessman.That's why the scenario is different.Why i'm telling that to understand by your currency.

Though there are some another options too.

  • 1.Fixed deposit: As far i know the government banks give 5-7% interest of 10/15 years time of fixed deposit.And non-government banks give highest 10% interest as same time of fixed deposit.

  • 2.You can by some Savings Certificate.Which is for same fixed time.They will give you like 10% interests.

There are some calculative risks of gold and stock market too.


  • 1.It's not available 100% pure gold in our country.

  • 2.When you went to buy gold then you need to buy jewellery.

  • 3.When you will go to sell jewellery,then you will not get the proper money.When you will buy jewellery then there will be some shaft.

Stock Market

  • 1.In our country the stock market doesn’t behave so good.

  • 2.There are so much example of being bankrupt.

Fixed Deposit

1.The main problem of fixed deposit is,"you can't withdraw your money before than the fixed time.

Apart from all calculative risk,these are not so much profitable in these countries which are developing.Because inflation rate is increasing these country so fast.Because people are thinking money is increasing but at the last stage money remains like before.So you need to find out the other way of you need to invest any place which will give you profit more than 8%.

Some expatriates say,"If you have money then,invest on you.Because the final output will be more than these investment.If you are capable to take the risk.After that if money remains then think about the invest."

Are you agree on last statement?

Keep On Mind:

I'm not expert about these but i love to research.And all photos are downloaded from google.

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