PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT: NewsCrypto Partners with Crypto Coach

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PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT: NewsCrypto Partners with Crypto Coach

Crypto is gaining attention, people are coming to the cryptospace to know what's going on, and it's better they have a thorough understanding of how the cryptospace works, the better for them. Newscrypto also made a step forward to also push the blockchain education for these new investors/traders or Crypto enthusiasts that want to gain more knowledge.

Newscrypto aims to educate beginners, make crypto trading safer, more accessible, and more profitable. They believe that in order for cryptocurrency mass adoption people should first educate themselves and prepare for the industry.

Newscrypto took a step forward with its educational program and has formed a partnership with the crypto coach Blockchain Wayne. Wayne is a long-time expert in the crypto industry, blockchain enthusiast, and crypto investor. He decided to join the Newscrypto project in order to broaden the educational program with his thorough video tutorials.

Wayne has prepared the first 8 videos covering most important topics to master as a crypto trader. More videos coming out on weekly basis!

🔹️3 lessons available for free,
🔹️5 lessons only for Intermediate and Advanced tier members.

NewsCrypto tutorials consist of eight different videos, whereas the first three are for free and the rest comes with unlocking Newscrypto Intermediate Tier. Many more videos will be uploaded so stay tuned.

Many different topics are covered in the new school segment such as: How To Research a Coin, Charting Basics, Margin and Futures Trading, and much more.

How to access the new school?

The new school can be seen on the Newscrypto platform on the left tab under the “School” button. After clicking on the button you will see Newscrypto Academy and Newscrypto Tutorials schools as seen in the picture below.

If you want to see this school register on the Newscrypto platform and enjoy all the free content click here.

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