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Tourism industry of Bangladesh!

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"How many urban capitals in the country,
How many celebrities of the people,
How many rivers, mountains,
Indus desert,
how many - unknown creatures, how many - unknown young people remained unnoticed".
- Rabindranath Tagore.

And beauty-loving people want to know the unknown, want to ignore the beautiful, want to discover the new. Due to the innate persecution of the inquisitive mind, he wanders around the country. There is no name in the vast array of vast world - known land, diverse human society, colorful lifestyle, rivers - waterfalls, mountains - mountains, forests etc.

Beauty-thirsty travelers come out at the call of that unknown distance to the beauty of the universe - the thrilling open space. The idea of ​​tourism came from this travel class of people. Today this tourism industry has taken a new form in different countries of the world. At one time tourism was a personal or group affair - a matter of pleasure. But now tourism has become an industry. Thanks to science, distance is no longer a problem. As a result, the tourism industry has expanded in the country. The economy and livelihoods of many countries are revolving around the tourism industry. Bangladesh can also be a proud country with a tourism-rich economy through a comprehensive action plan.

The history of world tourism is very ancient. It is known from history that during the reign of Fakhruddin Shah in the fourteenth decade, the famous traveler Ibn Battuta came to Bangladesh from Morocco in distant Africa. A few days later, during the reign of Sultan Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah, Hiuen Tsang came from China to visit the then capital of Bangladesh, Senargaon. Vasco da Gama. Gamma traveled to Asia. As a result, alliances were established between Asia and Europe. The new continent of America was discovered in Columbus's travels. Even today, tourism plays a unique role in establishing cultural ties between the people of different countries. Tourism is considered as one of the largest and most recognized industries in the world today. The Industrial Revolution, the development of the transportation system, the increase in the number of employees, the increase in spending opportunities, adequate leisure and the tendency of people to retire - these are the reasons why international tourism activities started in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a land of sleeping beauty emerging from mists and water. His description is true. Everywhere you look in Bangladesh is green and green. From the city to the rural forest, the tourist destination is everywhere.

Bangladesh's notable tourist points are

1. The largest beach in the world.

2. The Sundarbans is one of the forests in the world. The interior of the Sundarbans attracts people with six rivers, plants, deer and animals. There are also numerous hills, hills, tea gardens across the country, which are not found in many countries of the world. These things easily attract tourists .

3. archeological monuments are one of the most attractive places for tourists. Such as Paharpur, Mahasthangarh etc.

4. Numerous religious pilgrimages which are a matter of attraction for tourists. Such as- Shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal (ra) in Sylhet, Mahamuni Bihar of Raozan in Chittagong etc.

5. Madhabkur fountain can be one of the interesting places. Surrounded by the rocks of Sylhet, Jaflong is the least interesting place for tourists. And the tribal way of life, the way of life of the common people - all these can be one of the attractions of tourism.

The state of the tourism industry in Bangladesh is very depressing. Where we always have to rely on foreign aid, the tourism industry should be developed in the national interest. Because, tourism can be one of the sources of our national income. Lots of foreign exchange can be earned from this source. There are huge opportunities in Bangladesh tourism industry. In this country, there are seas, there are mountains, there are forests, there are rivers. And the number of beautiful natural spots is not less. There are also historical places and monuments. Mainamati, Paharpur, Mahasthangarh, Senargaon etc. On the one hand, the beautiful Shaiva of nature, on the other hand, the historical places can be quite interesting for tourists. But sadly, there are not enough opportunities in this country to attract tourists. What has happened in the field of tourism in the last few years is very real. Some hotels - metal and cottages have just been built. But tourists do not go to any country or spot just for the convenience of food and drink. Therefore, all possible measures should be taken to attract tourists by developing this delicate situation.

Bangladesh is a potential country in the field of tourism industry - a prosperous country. Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. The greenery of the horizon, the lush green forests, the high and low hills, the chirping of the beautiful birds, the spread of the Rupali river across the country, the unique variety of colors and shapes in the seasons - everything is unique in this country. This beauty has attracted foreign tourists forever. In addition to this beauty, there are unobstructed beaches, beautiful artificial lakes surrounded by forest hills of Rangamati, Sundarbans, home of the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, Paharpur, Mainamati - ancient historical monuments of Mahasthangarh, Rabindranath's memorial Shilaidaha - Shailepur - Sajadpur, Bhavaldh, Chakma, Mug, Murang, Santal etc. of the hill tribes are the main attraction of the tribal lifestyle. The government has developed a tourism industry in the country to provide tourism facilities to travelers from home and abroad. Although the industry is not well developed for various reasons, it has a lot of potential; Development is therefore essential.

Our position in the tourism industry is largely unnoticed. Despite the potential, tourism revenue is shrinking. Our communication system is not well developed for tourists. Mountaineers naturally want safe travel in less time and at lower cost. At present, it is not possible to ensure better hotels and better food arrangements in tourist spots. Tourists are often harassed and robbed in Bangladesh. If there is no security guarantee, the number of tourists will gradually decrease. If we don't improve the quality of our air service, no one will be interested in traveling by air once and traveling a second time. So far we have not been able to declare the city of Kona as a 'tourist city'. According to our country, from the same religious and social position, Malaysia and Indonesia have greatly enriched the country by developing their tourism industry. Most of our tourist centers have been built without proper planning. Our socio-economic and political situation is often not conducive to tourists. Snatchings, robberies, terrorism, strikes, demonstrations - processions where normal life is disrupted, it is normal for tourists to lose money to travel at the expense of money.

There are also political priority: Political instability is the biggest obstacle to the development of tourism industry in Bangladesh. Independence in 1971. Democratic culture has not developed in our country since the beginning of the war. Strikes and vandalism are always on the rise. Due to these reasons normal life is disrupted and tourists also run away from insecurity. As a result, foreign tourists are not particularly encouraged to travel in this country.

There are many infrastructural weaknesses in the tourism industry. The transport system of this country is period. Moreover, the communication system is also very weak. Roads are narrow, barren and congested everywhere. There is also a lack of adequate hotels. Tourist centers are also underdeveloped and neglected. Moreover, the lack of duty-free marketing is also a major obstacle to the development of Bangladesh's tourism industry.

Lack of improved services and information: There is a lack of improved services and information for the development of the tourism industry in Bangladesh. There is a shortage of skilled, educated and elegant manpower as well as access to information.

Social Problems: The culture of foreign tourists cannot be taken lightly by many in this country. Many people abuse them and have a negative attitude towards them. Many a times tourists fall in the lap of evil lakes and get damaged. These are one of the major sources of income for the development of tourism industry.

All kinds of obstacles must be removed for the development of the tourism industry in Bangladesh. First of all, we have to create a stable democratic political environment in the country. Along with the development of communication system of the country, better transport arrangements have to be made for the tourists. In this case, the government as well as private entrepreneurs have to come forward with the necessary steps. However, the sincere role of the government and political parties is needed for this. At the same time, providing necessary facilities for improved infrastructure. The mind of the tourist wants comfort, so he wants a comprehensive idea about the country. For this, tourist guides and tourist centers in historical places or spots need illustrated information-booklets, pastors-leaflets. But the tourists who come to this country feel a huge shortage of guides and booklets or leaflets. Their safety must also be taken very seriously. And in the development of tourism industry, necessary measures have to be taken to address these problems immediately.

The following measures can be taken to develop the tourism industry in this country:

First, the connectivity and security of Cox's Bazar Sea Beach, the longest beach in the world, needs to be improved. By declaring Cox's Bazar as a tourist city, its infrastructural quality needs to be improved. Kuakata is a beach from which both sunrise and sunset can be seen. But the road from Dhaka to Kuakata is underdeveloped now. Traveling here is time consuming and risky. Measures have to be taken to attract tourists by creating improved roads, airport connectivity and improved hotels and ports. Bangabandhu Jamuna Bridge is an interesting spot for tourists. Jamuna at the government level. The bridge. It is possible to build a tourism industry on both sides. In addition, marine parks and ecotourism projects can be undertaken to attract tourists to the Bay of Bengal coastal islands of St. Martin, Maheshkhali and Kutubdia. Natural beauty - Rangamati consisting of green hills and water, tourist establishments at Kaptai Ara, Marine Park can be created. Tourists or visitors can be attracted for leisure by constructing hotels, seating areas, parks on the chars under the Jamuna, Meghna and Gamati bridges. Three-star, four-star, five-star hotels in Dhaka, Chittagong and Boxbazar. Tourists can be accommodated by construction. In addition to attracting foreigners to visit the Sundarbans, the safety of the Sundarbans "Wildlife" observation must be ensured.

Second, private enterprises can be encouraged to develop the tourism industry. At present, our country has Russell Park on a small scale on 63 acres of land at Pulshan in Dhaka, adjacent to Zia Museum in Chittagong and Rupganj in Narayanganj including Khulna Nar Khalishpur, which is capable of attracting domestic and foreign tourists. Encouraging private tourism in major cities and places of historical importance to attract more visitors.
Can go Moved by current twenty technology. Its widespread use is to know different places of natural beauty. He gives the opportunity to observe easily. In today's world of free market economy, the private sector is timely. 143 is certain, which needs to be strengthened. Institutions that go for laxan can be left to the private sector in phases. According to the national policy, in addition to government initiatives for the development of the tourism sector, private entrepreneurs should be encouraged.

Third, training in tourism can be arranged. Taking steps to train the youth in hotel services, cooking guides, conduct with foreigners, etc. will help in the development of the tourism industry and will also provide employment to the youth. A few star hotels in Bangladesh, including the Tourism Industry Corporation, often undertake these activities.

Fourth, Bangladesh has the Tourism Industry Corporation and the Ministry of Tourism. The Tourism Industry Corporation has several hotels in Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Kuakata and Sylhet. The quality of their service is also improved. Hotels of the Tourism Corporation can be set up in a few places in the rest of the country. The Ministry of Tourism can provide necessary guidance and assistance by monitoring all avenues for the development of the tourism industry. According to the regional natural conditions and the importance of tourism, the entire Azul of the country can be divided into several tourist areas.

Fifth, Bangladesh's tourism industry can be made more attractive and dynamic by providing massive publicity. Arrangements should be made to organize and promote tourism fairs during the tourist season of the year (October-March). The embassies of Bangladesh located abroad should take necessary initiatives to encourage the foreigners about the cultural programs, the country's tourist centers, the means of communication, hotel services, etc. At the same time, the service quality of Biman in Bangladesh should be increased. Our tourism corporation needs to play a positive role in attracting foreigners to visit our country by participating in various fairs abroad and in the current age of information technology, we need to make arrangements for Bangladesh At a Glance with descriptions of places of interest in this country. Tourists will be encouraged to travel if they make arrangements to travel and stay at a discount every year during the tourist season.

Sixth, the image of Bangladesh among foreigners needs to be enhanced. If there is a stable environment in the country, if there is no obstruction of traffic jams, if there are comprehensive security measures for walking and traveling, it will definitely have a positive impact on tourism. Every citizen's relationship with the tourists will be genuine, friendly, superficial and the behavior will be in the opinion of the loved ones, so that the foreigners can return with a good idea about Bangladesh.

Apart from the economic contribution, the contribution of the tourism industry in establishing brotherhood and understanding at the social, state, international, historical and cultural levels is immense. The geographical location of our country, the climate, the scenery are all conducive to the tourism industry. All that is needed now is a healthy - stable political environment and patriotism. Besides, cosmos-rich and beautiful Bangladesh should be made attractive to the world for tourism. Considering that tourism is a promising industry, it is necessary to invest in this industry - domestic, foreign, public - private. All concerned should be aware of socio-economic development by earning more foreign exchange and creating employment opportunities through infrastructural development. Hopefully, there is a lot of thinking going on in our country about the tourism industry at present. Recently, the tourism corporation has taken various programs to make tourism popular. If such a program is adopted every year, tourists from home and abroad will be attracted. And if it is saved, according to Bangladesh, the path of earning foreign currency in a poor country will be easier.

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