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Education is the Backbone of the nation!

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4 months ago

When the knowledge acquired in the meritorious service of thoughtful people throughout the ages is successfully applied in the field of human life, it is called education. From childhood, people start taking lessons in education.

However, this endeavor can be effective at any age, at any time in the form of education: education develops, develops and develops the inherent potential, strength and talent of human beings. Human thinking inspires power, innovation and creativity. Education helps a person to be a real person.

Education, people and animals: Education is a kind of ala. Just as a person who is deprived of education is plunged into the darkness of deep despair, so the life of a person who is deprived of education is also plunged into darkness. Uneducated people are deprived of the beauty and diversity of this world. In ancient times, when man did not get education, his life was as helpless as other animals in the forest. It is through education that the human race has shifted from the dumb and languageless state of the animal kingdom to ignorance and civilization. Education has brought victory of man over the world and life.

Uneducated people are stupid in terms of fauna; Without consideration. They have to live like non-human beings. Education and human interaction are the keys to a better life. The importance of education: There is no alternative to education in unraveling the stagnation and unfolding barriers of life. Education gives people a search for the ocean of knowledge. Famous scholars have acknowledged in one sentence that education has the greatest contribution behind the position that man has reached at present, the high seat that he has attained in knowledge-glory. Evolutionary scientist Darwin thinks that millions of years ago humans were invertebrates. In the evolution of time, thanks to the inherent power of education, he has become a vertebrate. That is, uneducated people are spineless. Education, on the other hand, is the backbone of mankind. The more successful a nation is in the application of art and technique of experience and merit, the richer it is in the progress of the state. Education is an invaluable resource: Education is an invaluable resource. The knowledge that is most important in our daily life is acquired through education. All the nations that have played a leading role in the practice of education and knowledge have become immortal in the history of civilization. The people of the world have followed their ideals. The Greek nation began a golden age in ancient times through education. World-renowned scholar

On the way to education: Education is needed at the beginning of any developmental initiative. He wants to take the nation on the path of development. | The nation must be educated first. The only education that can free you from the darkness of ignorance. About one hundred percent. Preface. According to Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, educators now have the status of great teachers in the image of people all over the world. Ancient Egyptian calligraphy and Chinese civilization have played an unforgettable role in the spread of education by Muslim scholars and scientists in the ancient times. He is clean. Educated countries are Japan or the United Kingdom and the United States are 100% developed countries. On the other hand, more than half of the country's Jagosti is real education. Deprived of, Bangladesh is not able to touch the top of the development right now. Benefits of education: The benefits or contribution of education cannot be described. Man has moved from the ancient forest scene to the illuminated world of civilization only as a result of education and practice. The world is being enriched by new discoveries through education and research. There are so many wonderful and mysterious creatures in the world, education is at the root of all this. By the knowledge of education, man has unraveled the innumerable unknown mysteries of the world, bringing unlimited value into the palm of his hand. He has made the whole world cultivable. Education has not only played a controlling role in increasing worldly opportunities, but has also made groundbreaking contributions to the emancipation of thought.

Education makes people restrained, civilized, cultured and the evils of illiteracy: Education is the key to establish the society and the state at the expense of the society. Even if an uneducated person becomes powerful through money and physical means, his status in the society is not established. Education is the controller of gaining status. People do not expect anything from uneducated people. Uneducated people are not aware. And lack of awareness does not establish human values. Uneducated people only fail to protect sociality or in all religious, economic, political and other fields. As a result of illiteracy, people fail to achieve a liberal outlook. As a result, superstition and malice became their main refuge. The good fortune of the society seems to them to be unexpected. Such people are unable to keep pace with the times. The welfare of the country and the nation is not achieved by them. As a result, uneducated people are not the wealth of the country, but the burden. Various types of education: The world of education is wide and extensive. There is no subject in the world that can be included in the education system. The ultimate excellence of the education system has been achieved in science education. It is possible to bring final progress in the national life through this. The more skilled and successful a nation is in science education, the more prosperous it is in economic development. The contribution of science education to the overall z sphere of life is immense. At one time the practice of philosophy and humanities was predominant. The field of business education has also expanded in the world.

Education to open the door to possibilities: Human children come to the world helpless and helpless. Then he gradually grows up. And education extends a helping hand behind growing up. Education reveals the underlying potentials and qualities of the child. Many things in the world appear mysterious and unknown to the human eye. Education breaks all the mysteries and unknowns of the world.

Human life goes through a complex cycle and gradually moves forward. Sometimes there is a crisis in people's lives. In order to overcome that crisis, the people who are in the midst of education came to the forefront. An educated person not only works for himself, he becomes a symbol of all human beings. An educated person is an invaluable asset to the nation. The higher the number of educated people in a country, the richer it is in resources of thought, consciousness, mentality and support. Therefore, it plays a helpful role in realizing the original form. Admittedly, education is the backbone of the nation. Ignorance is a curse for the nation.

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4 months ago
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