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The Founder of Permission, Charles Silver said "Firms including Amazon, Google, Facebook and TikTok have made billions mining personal data and selling it to third-parties". This is true, nodoby is paying you a dime to use your personal data and this is why Permission was created. Permission ensures that if an advertiser wants to touch your data, YOU are properly compensated.

In fact Permission is the leading provider of permission advertising for eCommerce and by incentivizing people with Permission Coin ASK, that users are able to earn through interactions on eCommerce platforms, Permission aims to reach its goal which is "Lead the web toward a new engagement model, one that enables you to own, control and profit from your time and personal information while engaging with the web as you normally do".

On August 28, 2020 announced that it has come out of beta to make the site available to both consumers and online retail partners.

ASK is now available for trade on Bithumb Global.

To join Permission and earn ASK, you can use my referral link :

Or just scan this QR code :

Talk to you soon.

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In fact it is an industrial organization they have to keep their contract here so they have to keep the permission community

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Good one

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