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Join Student Coin (STC) sale : $40.3M raised and 25 Rounds remaining

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I want to talk to you about Student Coin (STC) ICO.

What is STC token?

STC is the core utility token of the Student Coin Blockchain project.

What makes STC token special?

STC is focusing on students which are the most important people in the wold's economy. It is backed by many universties.

What is the idea behind STC token?

STC token is a solution that decentralized student loans. The student creates his personal token. This token is put for sale on the Student Coin market. The STC holders purchase the tokens until the student receives the money needed for tuition. After the student finishes his studies and finds a job, a part of his salary will be locked to pay the loan. The STC holders receive a cyclical profit payment for their involvement.

STC is tool for everyone

Student Coin allows you to build and manage tokens as easily as a social media profile.

Here are the STC Lauchpad ICO timeline dates

The team already raised over $40.3M worth of STC tokens and completed 125 phases.

How to buy STC tokens?

Make sure not to miss the Student Coin Launchpad ICO available until April 30th 2021.

You can use one of my referral links to join the STC Token sale:

You can invest in the STC Token using your Coinbase account and paying with any cryptocurrency, paying with direct ETH deposit or using your credit card.

I personally used my Coinbase account and paid for STC with Litecoin (LTC).

If you do not have a Coinbase account, you can create one using my referral link :

 Refer Student Coin and earn ETH and STC:

If you recommend the ICO to your friends and send them a unique referral link, you can earn 20% of ETH invested by every friend of yours, alongside 30% of their STC purchases.

Your friends also get an additional 5% of STC purchased.

I hope for you and for me that STC value will explode.


Talk to you soon.

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2 months ago
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