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Human Brain

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11 months ago

Hello friends. How are you all?

Today i will talk about brain which sits on the torso controls our whole body. The brain, so complex, extraordinary and subtle, controls our body so perfectly that anyone's jaw is bound to droop when they hear its description. However, there is absolutely no misconception about the brain. Let's get to know all that incredible information!

The anatomy of the brain

The total weight of the brain is about three pounds. Compared to the whole body, the brain occupies only two parts of the total weight of our body. But he is free to spend. About 20 percent of the food we eat is consumed alone. To deliver this food and oxygen, 1,040-60 liters of blood are transported in twenty-four hours.

The brain; source:

Does he just spend? Oops, not at all. Every day the brain generates 12 to 25 watts of electricity. Isn't it enough to light a low voltage LED?

Most of the brain is water. If you bring in the statistics, it stands at 63 percent. The remaining 27 percent is 60 percent fat. In fact, the most fatty part of our body is the brain. Speaking of fats, we are always looking for foods without cholesterol. But 25 percent of the body's total stored cholesterol means that one in four is in the brain cells. These cholesterols are so vital that without them, neurons would die.

Dehydration occurs in our body due to various reasons. It has the greatest effect on the brain. When the amount of water in the brain decreases, we cannot function properly. At two percent, our concentration, memory, and control are impaired.

A neuron can send 1,000 signals per second. Each neuron forms about ten thousand bonds with other neurons.

Neuron Cell source:

The equivalent of a grain of wheat contains about 100,000 neurons in the brain tissue, which form one billion bonds with each other. So what is the total number of neurons? The exact calculation has not yet been found. However, the idea of ​​scientists, it is not less than 6 billion. Not all of them are the same. There are about 10,000 different types of neurons.

Brain tissue but very dependent on oxygen. When the oxygen supply is cut off for five minutes, the neurons begin to die. And when a neuron dies, no new neurons are usually created to take its place. Smoking is the key to stopping this oxygen supply. Do you understand what I mean?

We often say to the children, this is the stop! You are not old enough to understand yet. At the age of 2, the brain is 80 percent complete. It takes 25 years to complete. So you say something in front of a two- or three-year-old child and think he doesn't understand, but you're wrong. Kids understand everything!

There is a screen called Blood-Brain-Barrier to protect our brain. This screen controls what goes from the blood to the brain. Harmful substances cannot normally penetrate this screen. But he can't stop nicotine or alcohol.

You think more than fifty thousand times a day; source:

Do you know what you do most of the day? Think; Just think and think. You think about fifty thousand times a day! Got it? You are a great thinker.Whose brain is so big?

Boys 'brains are about 10 percent larger than girls'. There is nothing to make the boys laugh after reading this information. The part that controls memory is the hippocampus, but in girls it is relatively large. Albert Einstein's brain was slightly smaller than the others, about ten percent. But the density of neurons was higher than normal people.

In the last twenty thousand years, the size of our brain has become smaller and smaller. A tennis ball can be made with as little as possible in this long time. Fortunately, Neanderthals had larger brains than humans.

The average hippocampus of taxi cab drivers in London is larger than humans. Why? They have to memorize about twenty-five thousand roads!

Brain decay

Constantly depressed depression and mental exhaustion makes the brain shrink. The modern fast food we eat does not contain omega-3 fatty acids. It is essential for the brain. Eating this type of food regularly causes the brain to contract.

In this modern age we are accustomed to doing many things together. But the brain cannot focus on two things at once. What is happening as a result? Quickly solving one task and having to concentrate on another task. As a result, our attention span, ability, and even long-term memory are declining.

In 2000, the time limit for human attention was 12 seconds; Now it is coming down to 6 seconds.

When they do not get the nutrients they need, the brain cells destroy themselves. It happens more when we control the amount of food that everyone calls diet. So be careful before dieting.

Common misconceptions about the brain

One of the most common words about the brain is that we use 10 percent of our brain. The word is completely wrong. We use all of our brains. Even during sleep, our brain stays active. But yes, we can increase our brain capacity through practice.

Alcohol does not destroy the neurons in our brain. However, excess alcohol destroys the connective tissue attached to the neurons of brain cells. There is another matter. If you go to a party the day before and get drunk and come home and think, “Hey, that's it! Why don't you remember what I did yesterday? How difficult! ” This does not mean that you have forgotten the past. The reasons are different. As seen, the alcoholic brain cannot learn anything new properly.

Listening to Mozart increases the power of the brain - a common saying. Not just Mozart; All such tunes increase the capacity of the brain.

It is said that there are blood vessels in the brain about 10,000 miles long. The word is exaggerated. To be precise, it's like 400 miles. But it is not less.


When we do a task it brings together different parts of the brain. The whole work is divided into several parts and completed in different parts and at the end gives the output as a single work. Our brains begin to age as soon as they reach maturity, that is, after more or less twenty-five years. As such, the most powerful brain is found at the age of twenty-five.

Hippocampus; source:

But after that, it is not that people cannot show the maximum amount of skill in any work. For example, human vocabulary is most complete at the age of 72. As it turns out, experience has a big contribution to make behind brain skills.

There is another competition in the world besides Miss Earth, Miss Universe. Whose memory is most vivid is verified there. The champions of this competition, however, are not very memorable at birth. This is the result of their practice and strategy. Do you understand what I mean? Yes, that's right. You can have a great memory if you want.

We often have severe headaches. It's hard to believe, but it's true that the brain can't feel its own pain! That's why a surgeon can operate on the brain while keeping the patient awake. So how is the pain felt? This pain is mainly due to tension in the surrounding scalp, bone marrow, sinuses, and nerves in the muscles.

Inward and outward human brain patterns but different. Those who are introverted have higher levels of gray matter in their brains. And dopamine levels in the brains of those who are extroverted are more effective.


The brain is ahead of the computer; source:

The brain has been compared to as many information-technology scientific discoveries have been made at different times. Thus he had to come up with the test for that long time, who is more efficient? Clock or brain? Computer or brain? The Internet or the brain?

Fortunately, our brains have been in trouble every time.

What is the capacity of our brain? A few gigabytes or terabytes - you think? Then you are thinking wrong. Our brains do not have limitations like memory cards. That means our brain will never be full of memories! So if there is anyone who is lazy for fear of running out, get down to work. Use him as much as you want.

Thanks for reading my article.

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Written by   111
11 months ago
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