when I began to love...

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Life is the name of hopes and beating desires, feelings and components in the eyes. Life is the name of this beautiful meeting which was short but interesting. What a strange thing the heart is, not a moment of joy. He holds the hopes of all the worlds in his family. Eyes. What to say about the eyes. They are convinced of the will. Your presence has brought down the glow in these eyes that all the brightness of the galaxy seems to be fading in front of it.

Lips also have their own world on which your name came up, so the smile was scattered as if the purpose of their creation was only to call your name out of desire. The ears also have their own place which stopped at your voice even in the crowd and they felt the whole surrounding sway. The sound of hearings, Mr. Mann, was your voice. When you called my name from literature, I began to love my name. I started to get a rash. There is also your own journey of steps where thousands of people feel the arc of your feet and you are close to you. I could feel it in the air. There is also a different story of the nose that has absorbed your natural fragrance and all my existence is beginning to feel better than this fragrance. The hands also have their own skill, which held you in the imagination, and the spirit did not dare face to face. Time is also a strange thing that flew away at the time of meeting and it seemed as if the meeting was over in a flash. On the contrary, the birds of memories are now chirping at the heart of the heart, and the heart is eager lying in the midst of another meeting.

These meetings will always be preserved in the heart, witnessed by no picture or people. Like a fresh rose-like, cool hawa gust, whenever that moment remembers that meeting, a beautiful smile will be scattered on the faces.

The heaviest burden in the world is love. Which is not everyone's business to pick up. Many dreams many desires die of pressing under him. Man breaks moment by moment and then sits on his own. Strange, no people consider love to be life, but in reality it's death, your own death is your desire to die your ego.

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