Straight Path...

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"She dreamt every night that there was a dense forest and one of it was straight. She would get up every day and ask the mother the interpretation of this dream, and she would tell her every day that a straight path was very important in man's life. And that man should pray to Allaah for himself that we should always be kept on the 'straight path'.

And she would swell loudly as if her words had sat in her mind. Then she would chant 'Ahdna al-Sarat al-Mustaqim' when ever she remembered it so many times a day. And now, after so many precious years of life, he was thinking that he had never had that dream again. And he had slowly forgotten how important the straight path was in life. And how many precious years he had wasted on the go. Never even thought that this blind walk had made him swell. How painful this aimless path was to this point in life. It was realized today when she dreamt again. The dense forest and the straight path through it... but this time she felt very tired. She looked around very helplessly.

There was a 'mother' in front. Fish. They call out Mom... 'Son' It is undoubtedly very important to walk, but even more important is to have the straight path that we are following. Mother. She ran after them, but she disappeared. She sat there with great misery and helplessness. She thought she was going to die. She was a warning to those who spent precious years of her life without thinking. She wanted to shout to everyone that life was just a hoax. If you do not choose a straight path for yourself, then the truth will be eternal in the form of a painful torment. But sadly she had lost time. And now nothing was on the bus except regret. The painful reality was face to face. He ran with full intensity. What happened are you all right? Drink this water. Her husband gently placed her hand on her shoulder. Yes. Maybe it was a dream. I see something confusing for a long time. Is all right, isn't it? Once again, he asked. Yes. Okay. Well.

Let's read two nafils now that you've got up. He said as he lay down .It's too late now. I'll read it again. She levelled the blanket on herself as she lay down.' It is never too late to go to The Good Luck Allah. Whenever you go, understand that the same time is appropriate. The goal is happiness, neither what is the point of prostrating your selves. No matter what i am in. 'They started snoring, but the knots of his brain opened. She who thought it was too late. He may never have understood that he is the Lord of the two worlds. It makes sense for you to go before him. The late case is that of us human beings. And then where was the time to be delivered to him? The heart was sweet while doing wu doo'. A straight path is very important. Thinking, he raised his finger of evidence, and turned to the Ka'bah and began to testify.

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