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YouGov safe is changing, read this if want to continue getting rewards

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1 month ago
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So this year I have been earning YouGov safe, a chrome browser extension, which shares my streaming and browser history data with YouGov, a well renowned reputable research company. This year so far I have earned over £80 worth of points, for just clicking a few buttons once a week

This week I got an email to say that the old extension is changing and the new one is out, so if you are already signed up it would be worth checking your email.

First what you must do is delete the old browser extension and remove it from chrome.

Secondly click on the link from the email, to get the new one set up.

Once logged in go on to the safe tab at the top of the page to begin getting it restarted.

Click get started and download the new YouGov safe extension.

Then once downloaded it will give you the options of the providers that you are happy to share your information with, then go through each one to add all your data and get your points, with a potential to earn 600 points £6 for starters and potentially lots more over time.

Easy as that. Great money earner this one.

They have surveys as well

£50 withdrawal.

But well worth it for the time taken.

Sign up here if interested

Let me know if any questions as well

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Written by   50
1 month ago
Topics: Earning, Free, Income, Money
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