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The Olympics is coming 10 days to go

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4 months ago
Topics: Sport, News

The European championships are over, and England got so close, 24 hours after feel like we were beaten by the best team of the tournament.

Proud of the England players and manager they have done more than any team in recent history, reaching a major final, beating Germany, just couldn't quite take the trophy.

But also utterly ashamed of portions of England fans it is no wonder no-one outside of this country wanted to win, we were utterly shameful and appalling, the abuse levelled at the three brave players who stepped up to take a penalty is utterly deplorable and certainly not representative of our country.

The Olympics is coming

But anyway, it is now only 10days to go until the Olympics begins, another tournament that is a year late, and one that I am insanely excited about.

I am so excited about the Olympics I love when it comes round, get utterly enthralled in it, I would happily sit and watch all 17 days of it. But with work in between and a massive time difference, I will have to see what I can do and squeeze in. I think I have one week off so I should be able to get plenty in but time to get the preparation in first.

The tournament proper kicks off on Friday 23rd July with the opening ceremony at 20:00 Japan time

I have just written this to refer to later on about what events and when I can see my time. Trying to find time for the events I really want to watch. I am trying to track the times of the different events when the medals will be won and when Team GB athletes will be competing

376 team GB athletes will compete in various events.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will feature a record 33 competitions and 339 events held across 42 competition venues.

Japan are 8 hours ahead of us in the UK

I think I am going to have to change my schedule dramatically, with sport starting at 09:00 Japan time and finishing 22:00, that works out that it will be 01:00 - 14:00. I think I am going to have to become a vampire for the entirety of the Olympics. Or maybe sleep early evening set an alarm wake up and enjoy the sport. We shall see.

The schedule day 1:

Day 1 is a quiet day, but the opening ceremony is going to be a spectacular affair and one I am looking forward to watching

Opening Ceremony: Date and Time: Fri 23 July 20:00 - 23:30 (JPT) (GMT: 12:00 -15:30)

I shall be working for these so will sadly miss the opening ceremony but sure I can record.

Very little sport on day one but will get to see some archery and rowing in for their qualifying and ranking rounds


Date and Time: Fri 23 July 9:00 - 11:00

Venues: Yumenoshima Park Archery Field

  • Women's Individual Ranking Round

Date and Time: Fri 23 July 13:00 - 15:00

Venues: Yumenoshima Park Archery Field

  • Men's Individual Ranking Round

*Session tickets not for sale


Date and Time: Fri 23 July 8:30 - 12:10

Venues: Sea Forest Waterway

  • Men's Single Sculls Heats

  • Women's Single Sculls Heats

  • Men's Double Sculls Heats

  • Women's Double Sculls Heats

  • Men's Quadruple Sculls Heats

  • Women's Quadruple Sculls Heats

Tomorrow I hope to start looking at the rest of the days and plan my first weekend of Olympic watching with what all the events are and when Team GB athletes are competing. I shall keep you posted.

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Written by   50
4 months ago
Topics: Sport, News
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