The money earner october 2020 earnt £400

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3 years ago

So it wasn't the most productive time with everything else in my life, and didnt do everything had planned, I blame this purely on the fact that FIFA has come out so I have become ten years old again.

But what I have done is I have managed to rack up my biggest sum this year in extra money, to go towards house buying and SAT stacking. Wait for it ..... drum roll please..... this month we have earned £440.49,(50 pound of that is amazon vouchers) but still that is quite a nice tasty sum. Some stand outs this month would be, life points and intellizoom which earned more than would normally, and helped by big £50.00 payout from YOUGOV. All in all a very successful month.


October 2020 Total earnings: £440.39

Cash: £390.39
Amazon vouchers: £50

  • Populus - £50.00 - (Review/Sign up here)

  • Attapoll - £17.04 - (Review/Sign up here)

  • QMEE - £13.64 - (Review/Sign up here)

  • Curious Cat - £11.08 - (Review/Sign up here)

  • Lifepoints - £80.00 - (Review/Sign up here)

  • Yougov - £50.00 - (Review/Sign up here)

  • Newvista - £50.00 (UPDATE no longer cash only amazon vouchers - (Review/Sign up here)

  • Swagbucks - £20.00 - (Review/Sign up here)

  • Clickworker - £30.69 - (Review/Sign up here)

  • Neevo - £17.48- here)

  • Prolific - £9.00 -

  • Intellizoom - 33.46 - Review

  • Shoppix - £10.00 - Review

  • Random Studies: £48.00 (these were a variety of mainly different communities that were running studies always look out for these invites through survey companies always worth signing up, some of these offer prize draws for work i tend to leave of others tend to offer PayPal payment or amazon vouchers for answering questions on new products and engaging in specific tasks on community, this month been a=paid from shaving community and food for thought

Well if you have read this post thanks for your time and allowing me to keep track of what the hell I am doing with my life.

Any questions leave a comment or email me and ill get back to you anywhen from 20 second to six weeks and if no-one has done the coinbase compound offer yet, then firstly what is wrong with you and secondly why don't you start off by you earning$9 for watching three videos on "compound" a further $10 for completing their coinbase wallet then go bug your friends and earn another $40.00, and allow me to get my first refferall and start off with $10.00 (I know thats what matters most to you) then why not click here and sign up

For many more ways to earn a bit of extra money go here go on you know you want to come see how you can make a really crap website with no money ..... baby steps trust me ....


Stay safe 

Lots of love The Money Earner

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3 years ago


it's interesting to learn about where you earn your stuff from various online opportunities😅

although i have a suggestion, why not use grammarly so your formatting and grammar on your posts here can look better.

are you from UK?

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3 years ago


Yes i know my grammar is awful I dont know why I rush things,

yes i am

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3 years ago

oh, ok youre, from UK, nice to know... also by the way, i checked out your website... 😀

it looks good👍 how long did that take to set up??

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3 years ago

yeh from uk, i assume usa?

Haha thanks, I appreciate that, either you're being too kind or I'm over critical, its been a slow work in progress over the last couple of months, it's just a click and build one, but a lot more that would like to do if had more time (now I need to go sort out all the grammar now that I have got Grammarly haha)

Have we all been graced with your second installment yet?

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3 years ago

nah, I'm from the philipphines🇵🇭 to be exact. 😉

am I being too kind? lol, not really, your site looks simple but uncluttered, and the color scheme is just right.

so click and build? what did you use to build your site then? I'm mildly interested because I also want to set up my own site in the future, although learning Wordpress would be good for me later on because it IS industry standard and flexible to boot, with all those custom plugins.😀 (did you get grammarly premium or just free?) 😅

what second installment would you mean sir?😅 do you mean the short story i wrote for my first article?

well to be honest, that's all to the fable, but, i wll just write up a sort of diary type article relating to the actual event...

good day. 🌞😎

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3 years ago

well, thank you I appreciate that! wasn't sure about the colour scheme, I got no style me haha,

yeh, was word press that I used very easy to learn and like you say with all those custom plugins there is a lot you could do, id love to learn more about coding, but again its the time thing. But yeah I like word press its good,

Free version I'm cheap

what would your site be for do you envisage?

maybe second instalment the wrong choice second article at least though haha Look forward to it

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3 years ago