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The best energy saving sign up deals

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January is always the month that I am looking around for the best deals, to maximise my money and make sure I am not paying too much on my bills.

Often if you are to sign up that is some excellent cashback deals to ensure you get the best deal and at the same time earn some extra bonus money through energy credit or cash back. So I have tried to categorise them, first of all, my recommendation would be to use a price comparison website like uSwitch etc.

If you do this through a cashback website and change your energy deal, as a result, you will likely earn cashback for that, however often if you sign up directly to the company through a cashback website or referral link then you can earn more.

Step 1: the price comparison website, through Quidco or top cashback


First Quidco has their very own energy comparison, for dual fuel you get £40 or £20 each if you just change your gas and electric. Link here and remember if you haven't yet signed up to Quidco you can earn £5 by signing up and since you earn £5 cashback

Money supermarket - £38.03 dual fuel or £7.03 single fuel

Uswitch - you can earn £35 for dual fuel or £11 for single fuel - £24 dual fuel £13 single

UK power - £32 dual fuel £13.60

Top cashback:

Again if using top cashback you can sign up and earn an extra £5.00

Top cashback also has their own energy comparison Dual fuel £44.00 - single £22.00

U switch £36.00 and single £10.00

Step 2: after picked your favourite see how to maximise cashback

Now so if the one that is chosen from the comparison website is not in the list below buy the energy deal through the comparison site, clicking the link through the top cashback or Quidco.

However if you can get more cashback outside of the comparison deals I have listed them below alphabetically.

British gas £85 on the right plan - same on quidco

Edf - £160 for their 2 year fixed term and service plan but other offers available - quid co £165

Eon up to £85 but a broad range of offers again

Scottish power - £100 energy credit dual fuel £50 single or £165 if do their 2 year fixed term

Shell energy between £17.00 - £127.00

SSE up to £127 but specific on the plan ranges from £17 - £127

There are more offers out there and by no means am I saying these are only ones out there, but they are some of the best, but there is definitely potential from changing your gas and electric to get over £100 by switching to a cheaper supply. Easy money

Always remember the cashback rules only go for the ones that you would buy anyway regardless of the cashback, the cashback is not guaranteed, although highly likely you will get it, things can go wrong

Read the terms and conditions from the cashback pages to not lose out.

No adblockers they will stop you getting the cashback

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