Quick and easy things you can do everyday for money: Part 1

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So I am always looking for those ways to make some extra money, thought I would share with you some of the things that I do every day or most days to earn a bit of extra money.

On their own, they may not seem like a lot of money at all, but add them up over the year and it becomes worthwhile, a lot of these are done in my spare time, when on my phone, so is basically free time, namely when sat in queues, on a tea break stuff like that. These are the offers that take seconds.

One thing I love to do is sneak doing it at work, then I feel ultra-powerful and that I am smashing the system earning my pennies while I'm at work, haha screw your work!! Then I feel bad so I work through my tea break

The point is that you can do these offers in a very short space of time and earn some extra cash from them.

One trick with these offers is to bookmark the sites, then you can work your way through getting there quickly and no need to be messing about.

Then this month I have learnt I have a short attention span and get so easily distracted that I forget to do some, so a list is vital in my opinion, I use an excel sheet, because I have a little bit of a spreadsheet fetish.

So here we go

Oh yeah and I thought you might not believe me so one day I have timed all of the daily offers that I do and then you can see if it is worth your time.

1) TRP - (half a credit 12.5p - 20 seconds)

These surveys are really quick and easy to do, if you do what I do anyway, you just do a quick daily survey about what you do is tell them about what you watched on the telly. I shall be honest when I do this now I mainly say that I didn't watch anything as the survey is really quick that way if you do say you watch a program a day then it will take you longer.

The payout is at 20 credits for a £5 amazon voucher, so 40 days of these types of studies you get a fiver.

How much is this if you do it every day of the year?

These surveys are every single day so you can get half a credit every day for a whole year. So over a year you can earn a nice whopping £45.62 pence, for 20 seconds a day!

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2) Viewsbank - 10 p poll 5 seconds

Viewsbank is another nice little one it is one that has surveys mainly about insurance and although sporadic you can earn a nice tidy sum from it over the year. But one thing I like to do is their daily poll that you can complete for 5 seconds a day. (Helps if site is bookmarked and remained logged in) answering a quick poll and get 10 p simple as that.

The daily 10 p poll is the second poll down on the homepage, I was on this site ages before I knew about that. Don't be like me.

It is not every day, at the weekends there doesn't seem to be any polls but still 5 days a week that is 50 pence, which works out at £26.00 a year. for a few seconds of work each day.

Cash out is at £12 - so even if you didn't do any of the studies you could still earn £24 per year in cash sent to your PayPal

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3) Inbox pounds

This is probably the longest one, so this one is all about doing whilst you doing something else takes 1 minute but can do it mindlessly which suits me down to the ground.

Inbox pounds is a survey website, and "get paid to" site I honestly hate their surveys, gone right off them they take too long and are too many screenouts.

But this site does have some redeeming features. For each survey attempt, you get a spin of their wheel which you can then earn some pennies from. But as I am not doing their surveys I don't tend to get these.

But one nice way of earning on here is there "daily emails" you can click on the emails either from your mail inbox or from the site itself and get paid 1pence for each one.

There is normally at least 1 or 2 of these a day, and if you haven't done for a while you can go back and do the old ones. But just the once.

Then the thing you can do every day is their search page.

If you search through inbox pounds you get paid 1 penny for every 4 searches up to a maximum of 5 pence.

This does take a bit more time when I worked it out today it took 1 minute 10 seconds for 5pence, that may sound a lot but like I said work smart do it when you got nothing on. It all adds up again. 5pence and then say minimum 1 email a day, 6 pence. Earns you £21.9 over a year. cash out is at a cheque £20

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4) Branded surveys 5 cents a day for a few seconds

This is another survey site that I despise, long and so many screenouts I don't even give the time of day anymore unless I'm in the mood for some punishment and humiliation.

But again I love a daily poll again will take few seconds, and you get 5 cents per one, do this every day for a year and you get $18.25, (£13.19), can redeem after $10 but you can redeem higher, so I just do it once a year around Christmas. Again not a lot but all adds up

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5) Fold app - Minimum 500 satoshis a week

This one is probably the quickest, earn some satoshis by spinning their daily wheel, if you do every day for 7 days you get 500 satoshis, and each day you get a chance to earn some more, at the moment I'm getting 5 - 10 satoshis each day not great. But again every little helps

Cash out is quite high, at 50,000 satoshis so depending on luck on the daily spin this may take some time to get there. But who knows how much 50,000 will be someday.

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