£4,000 this week for doing nothing, I love the crypto world

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2 years ago

Well want to start this post by thanking publish ox, I have been browsing their site and reading my 6 articles a day for a fair few months now, but if it wasn't for them this would not have happened!

Earning a small number of tokens and Ethereum.

One of which was Ampleforth, where I had a grand total of 3.4715057 Ampleforth equivalent to an earth-shattering £2.70, this tiny sum I had tucked away into trust waller.

Then this week this tiny amount of AMPL has allowed me to make £4,000.

HOW? I can tell you, WHY? I have no idea.

But Ampleforth new governance token FORTH was released this week and following their airdrop this week I earned 117 FORTH tokens. Here was the airdrop and how I did it.

I have to say this was complete and utter luck on my part it was there because I couldn't do anything else with it. I'm just so grateful that it was

The airdrop

“This will cause those who supported the network long-term and through all market conditions to accrue the most points, and thus FORTH tokens.” I don't think this was me to be honest but ssssssh

So this airdrop applied to anyone who held Ampleforth in a wallet, importantly not an exchange prior to 30/03/21 - new or previous owners. So maybe you will be eligible for some if you had but lost

The logic of how much each person got or whether it is a lottery is lost on me. But how I am so glad that I didn't put it into Coinbase something a few months when first starting out is exactly what I would have done pure luck.

So if you held Ampleforth in a wallet before this week, then there is a very real chance you could be sitting on a very tidy sum of money. Go check ... now go on I'll wait.

Then all you had to do was go onto ampleforth.org click on the claim the FORTH airdrop, link your wallet through the qr code. and Wallet connect was very quick and easy.

Now, this bit was funny, I saw 117 FORTH tokens pop up on my screen at this point, and then ETH gas fees saying it would be £30 to transfer it.

I was like naaaah, not for me haven't even got any eth in that wallet.

So like an absolute and complete imbecile I am, I clicked off of it. Left the computer slowly came back, I wonder how much this token going for maybe it will go up at some point. Looked at the price I think it was about £36 and then I proceeded to say WHAT ? NO NO FREAKING WAY.

Quickly go back to the airdrop page where I quickly linked it all again the numbers were right I was getting 117 tokens.

ETH was sent so fast into my trust wallet without, then as I was making the transfer I was whooping so loud when the balance on my wallet changed. I could not actually believe what had just happened.

This money is mega to me it is going to help pay off things, and go straight towards the house saving pot which looked unassailable last year.

It was quick and easy to send to exchange and sell and once sat in my account I proceeded to spend the rest of the evening drinking beer and laughing

I sold 100 of my 117, as who knows, I mean it's dropped a fair bit since then, but long term who knows? certainly not me

I'd seen posts about this airdrop all week, and not really read anything procrastinated all the way to Friday. Incredibly I may not have even realised what i had

But thank goodness I did, definitely more luck than judgement

Also small mention by selling most of it straight away as well on the price today I got an extra £500, but then viceversa getting it earlier I might have had £1,850 if sold right at the peak

FORTH and ampleforth

So what is forth and ampleforth

So starting first with ampleforth my basic tiny brain I'll be honest doesn't really understand it.

"AMPL's smart contract design allows the increase and decrease of supply to be automatically executed without any need for a transfer between peers, and without the need for a bank.

The monetary protocol automatically adjusts the supply of AMPL across all user wallets based on price. This means the number of AMPL you own changes based on market conditions. When price is high wallet balances automatically increase. When price is low wallet balances automatically decrease. This supply adjustment operation happens once per day and is called a rebase.

This daily rebase operation is applied universally and proportionally across every wallet’s balance. This means AMPL is non-dilutive. Like Bitcoin, if you own 1% of the overall network you will always own 1% unless you actively make a transfer."

Now I don't know a lot but that does not sound like an easy concept to tell to people, so it is one thing to try and tell people that money is not money anymore but to tell them the amount they have is going to change all the time?

I just don't get it, the percentage idea does make sense I suppose and it definitely appears logical, the fact your value cant be diluted is huge, but to conceptualise this to my uncle is going to be hard.

I probably wont ever need to in reality. But for big adoption it appears to be quite difficult to grasp.

I can get my head around FORTH and its purpose slightly easier

So ampleforth is the currency

FORTH is the the governance token that will alow the community to vote on the future of ampleforth. Helping to make it decentralised

I feel like I have not explained that very well so here's a video from the site itself


A moment for all the people who have these tokens on publish ox still

So it is my understanding that the tokens in publish ox if you have never withdrawn on to a wallet then you are not eligible. Ive actually got just under 5 in publish ox account which wasn't able to withdraw as didn't have enough yet.

Im sure there is many people that haven't withdrawn there AMPL that were still holding it on publish ox, do these people not get anything at all? this sounds a bit rubbish and sad right?

I think this post on publishox by poppopprego highlights the pain of somepeople


I'll keep quiet, as Ill be honest I knew nothing of AMPL, but I am intrigued, and now I have got far more of the governance token than I have of the currency itself.

If I was wealthy I would have kept more, but this money is going to seriously make things easy for me.

Not bragging

I hope this post doesnt make anyone feel bad, ultimately there are a lot of opportunities out there at the moment. I have tried enough of them to get lucky, this one ironically I know nothing of mind.

But if you are reading this you are likely interested in crypto currency, there are so many opportunities out there.

Just now I have got £20 in my bitcoin wallet with luno and £20 in my partners as well because I entered two codes I posted on noise.cash so check out my profile if want to give them a try.

Then there a number of other projects I'm hoping will top up my account one day

Swissborg community app where I have got 600CHSB from predicting bitcoin price

Pynk where have $144 in a wallet waiting for the waitlist to open so I can withdraw and invest


Earnathon where I have got a fair few ENA token, from referrals and their quiz at the moment


Opportunites are everywhere

Just look at uniswap as well that was huge

Then on platforms like this paid to write and read about stuff

Leofinance, read.cash, publish ox

This world is exciting and there are opportunities everywhere

Do your own research and you will find the next best thing hopefully

One lesson, I take out whatever I can and put into my wallet as soon as possible.

Then it is mine and hopefully any rewards will be mine aswell.

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