Orca is closing down, but you may be able to get £50 free

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11 months ago

Orca the mobile trading platform is sadly closing down, this is a bit of a shame, was a decent app, but perhaps couldn't compete with the other platforms.

If you have an ISA with ORCA you will need to transfer it to another provider.

If you have a general investment account, you will need to sell up your shares and withdraw your cash or transfer to a different provider

Have orca but don't have Shares app

But there may be some saving grace, if you had orca but you don't have the shares app yet, you can get £50 free for signing up to shares and depositing £1. You can get £50 free.

Will need to have same details (email address/ postal address etc) to make sure you get it

Here is what they said with their links attached

"Secondly, we mentioned that we would be able to introduce you to another share trading app to help you continue your investment journey. Our friends at Shares App have created an offer for existing Orca customers where you may be able to receive £50 credit when you open up a new Shares account from today. Unfortunately, Shares don’t offer UK stocks or an ISA at the moment, but the offer is available to all Orca customers. To make use of this feature please download Shares by clicking here for Apple users and here for Android users

Note you must use these links! Please see the terms and conditions for this introductory offer and remember that as with all investing your capital is at risk. "

Shares had a really good offer that a lot of people snapped up, where you got £20 free this is stonking, now however you can get £5 free still good but not near as good. Shares article

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