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3 years ago

Another new little update to and one that I think is much needed.

So what did they say:

"Everyone struggling with consolidation fees, rejoice! You can now set a minimum payout at which we'll send you your tips (except for QR code tips, of course, which are sent immediately, since we don't even touch them)."

So normally when you get tips you often get tiny amounts of tips, depending on what you get but could be $0.002 worth of bitcoin.

I remember last month trying to work out how much I had earned from noise .cash, it took forever adding up all the tiny little amounts that I got bored after like 4 days of the adding up so I just guessed.

So first of all what i did to make it easier for next month was to work out how much BCH I had at the start of the month and save it. I know revolutionary right.

The point is all these little microtransactions were rather cumbersome, and also rather annoying.

On top of this FEES, fees on all these little transactions were starting to become a little annoying.

But I suppose what it was doing was making the transaction numbers for bitcoin cash go through the roof.

Well, all that is now going to change, similar to what we have on with an inbuilt wallet.

You can now set your minimum payout from your internal noise. cash wallet and get paid once you hit that threshold. That is going to make things a lot more easier and sensible to manage

I think this is a good step forward for the management of your money makes it a lot easier and most importantly

So what impact will this have?

I think for users it will be easier to manage and then also the biggest impact will be on the number of transactions on the network which will go down do care ummm i don't think so

For me bitcoin cash and is all about convenience for the user, so my biggest question over this small update is why did it take so long?,

They have been saying for a while about a fully embedded wallet we are not there yet, so don't hold much in this account at all I would get out regularly with a small amount the fees are still very minimal.

A note on the last change:

Definitely noticed a steady improvement in less spam on the site the last couple of weeks since the changes to the rules of the tipping

The spam seems less, and even from the good members on there just less rubbish, think people are wary of getting downvoted, but I do worry that people coming to the network hoping that they can make some easy money on there are not going to hang around as it is going to be difficult but maybe QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

I still thoroughly enjoy my transactions on there and am still adding to my subscribed list, with a lot of people that I have learned a lot from

Still just an awesome wholesome site

Just like this one

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