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Oh my dosh is similar to cashback websites, or 20cogs, but after trying it over the last month. This has to be one of the easiest methods of earning some free money ever.

This month I have focused on all of the free offers on the site, so no need to pay to sign up, and make a profit, no need to spend out any at all.

So here we go with all of the best deals, and how to maximise your free money.

First things first, sign up with my referral link and you get a bonus £1 for signing up.

Then work through all of these offers to maximise your profit.

Then to make it easier for anyone because I am awesome, I've linked all of the offers to the ohmydosh page. None of these offers cost anything Just too easy

1) Welcome bonus - nice and easy 50p

2) Confirm your email and earn another 50p (Cumulative total = £1.00)

3) Subscribe to the oh my dosh youtube channel £0.10 (Cumulative total = £1.10)

4) Complete the 3 question survey = £0.50 (Cumulative total = £1.60)

5) Claim Your Free Spins at The Best Free Spins = £1.00 (Cumulative total = £2.60)

6) Fill out the registration form on ProductTestingUK, providing all the information required. Don't give them your real number and give them a spam email- = £0.75 (Cumulative total £3.35)

7) Download the browser extension pouch - £1.75 - (Cumulative total = £5.10)

8) Sign up to free club - £0.50 - (Cumulative total £5.60)

9) Sign up to prime video Can sign up a second time with a second email - remember to cancel!!!- £3.50 - (Cumulative total £9.10)

10) Receive your free budget planner with claro money - £0.50 - (Cumulative total £9.60)

11) 6 Different amazon offers, all of them sign up for 7 days for free, MAKE SURE YOU CANCEL BEFORE THE 7 DAYS - can keep track on your amazon account, but this is an easy £6.00 (Cumulative total £15.60)

12) Follow oh my dosh on Instagram £0.10 - (Cumulative total £15.70)

13) Sign up to experian for free - £2.00 (Cumulative total £17.70)

There are plenty of other awesome offers on there as well but these are the ones I have tried and tested myself

Every day as well one lucky person wins £10.00

You can also get paid £5.00 for each person who signs up and withdraws

Their lightning payouts get paid very quickly, some of the others can take some.

Read up on all of the offers before you sign up, and never take any payment for granted, things do go wrong sometimes.

It's my birthday today so if anyone wants to get me a present, subscribe so you can listen to more of my nonsense or follow me on Twitter. Email me or check out my website.

Have a lovely day

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Or check out the website

Email with any questions and I will be happy to answer them or help in any way on these offers or any of the money earners findings

Thanks for reading and hope having a good day

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Thanks bro with this article

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