January 2021 Total earnings: £ 556.08 (Extra £164.28 from referrals) - Total total -£724.92

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January 2021 Total earnings: £ 556.08 (Extra £164.28 from referrals) - Total total -£724.92

Cash: £477.76
Shop vouchers: £31.00 (all amazon)
Crypto: £63.73

January has been a great month in my journey to hopefully earning £6000 cash by the end of the year, helped by a single market research study, and some really good crypto sign up offers, and of course surveys and user testing. Below I've broken down as best I can where the money has come from, to help show which ones are the best. I think this month in the past is not normally the best for surveys, but there was still a lot of money to be made, hopefully, we can carry that on into February. I've separated any referral bonuses that got from my links as I was very fortunate for people to sign up with links and don't wish to give a disproportionate picture.

Hope you find this useful if anyone else wants to know more or want to add, let me know, I am always happy to help others in their money-making quests. Love hearing your feedback and ideas as well.

Surveys: £327.54
Market Research: £123
Vouchers: £31 amazon
Cashback £8.81
Sign-ups: £16.41
Receipts £2.00
Crypto £63.73


  1. Intellizoom   £53.22- (Review / sign up here (no referral) Quick work paid via Paypal and have been paying a lot quicker this month
    Superb month of intellizoom, they are a user testing website, that do short user test of websites as you talk about them or categorise things

  2. Yougov £50.00 (Review/Sign up here )
    Slow burner, as surveys are not very often, but they have just started YouGov safe where can earn extra if share your Netflix and chrome details through their plugin £8.00 for one share for me so far

  3. Populus £50-  - (Read my Review/Sign up here no referral) - Caveat - I use two accounts me and Mrs money earner
    Excellent again, I had a good starting point of about £30 from last year, but by the months end was on £62

  4. Lifepoints £35-   (Read my Review/Sign up here (no referral bonus)) - Caveat - I use two accounts me and Mrs money earner
    Not as great as previous months but £20 for one and £15 for other is pretty good, look out for their big surveys

  5. Toluna £35.00-  - (Review/Sign up here -No referral bonus)
    Losing my love of toluna sometimes good, but so many screen outs at the moment, I've slogged to the payout this month, but saying that have just completed a bigger project for 55,000 points £11.00

  6. Clickworker -  £29.21- (Review/Sign up here)
    Haven't done loads on click worker this month got all this money from two studies testing an eye tracking app, max 15 minutes work, €15 each well worth it

  7. Panelbase -£15.25  - (Review/Sign up here) - Caveat - I use two accounts me and Mrs money earner
    Another good month for one of the favourites, not loads of surveys but the ones there are, worthwhile indeed.

  8. Attapoll £10.51- (Review/Sign up here Referral code docqz (i get 20 pence and 10% of the money you make, you get 40 pence)
    I re-signed up beginning of January after my account got flagged, done this in my spare time, on my breaks and been good earner

  9. QMEE £10.42 - - (Read my Review/Sign up here (50p for you and 50p for me)
    Solid as always, not many decent surveys and have avoided more of the ones that aren't worth their time, searches and daily quiz has helped

  10. Swagbucks £10.00-  - (Review/Sign up here 300 sb for me if sign up and 300 for you if you earn 300 in the first 30 days)
    Another slow month for Swagbucks, got to £10 by doing 1 -2 surveys a day, still lots of screen outs and stuff, yesterday to be fair I did a 400 point survey that took about 10 minutes (£2.80)

  11. Big token £10.67  (sign up here) - Use referral code: OMPEMEA1L not sure what the bonus is - was able to withdraw this month, was very good when started but to be honest not getting much now, but they are very quick polls so might be worth a shot as downloading the app

  12. Askable £10.00  sign up here-non referral a new one and a very good one, sign up with your email and get text when there is surveys quick screening study and then can do the research, I did two surveys on my phone that took 5 minutes each and paid £5 each, paid via Paypal within 5 - 10 days. definitely recommend

  13. Neevo -  £4.00- (Review/Sign up here no referral)
    Very little opportunities this month

  14. Curious Cat  £3.51-  - (Review/Sign up here not sure what the referral is)
    Really disappointing month from curious cat they have all been not worth their time, no big surveys lots of screen outs but we will see if February brings a brighter dawn

  15. Citizen me Read reviewSign up here non-referral £0.55 - you get alerts to do some very quick studies (few questions) paid direct to Paypal


Market Research: £123

1. Angelfish market research £110 cash sent via Paypal - this was a 5-day community that got paid very handsomely for in January, probably took about 20-30 minutes a day and a very handsome reward for it (unfortunately haven't had any other market research projects that I have been accepted for.
2. The viewers £9.00 market research took some data from me for my amazon and Netflix account once again and paid a nice £9
3. Testing time £4, just one survey but took about 5 -10 minutes and got paid £4 PayPal

Vouchers: £ 31.00 Amazon vouchers

  1. i-say £5.00 sign up here (I get some points but not sure how many)- quite a lot of surveys the value is debatable I would say

  2. Clubhouse surveys £10.00- have shut down since lockdown, but before they were a decent site, that gave you points for completing two surveys a week about watching sports  - (Been signed up a while not sure how you register, got an invite through another survey website

  3. TRP surveys £5.00 - Another one I'm not sure where I signed up from, this is a quick daily survey you complete each day about what you watched, you get half a credit and can redeem at 20 credits for £5 instantly

  4. Jupiter surveys £5.00 - this one get credits for completing surveys namely about tv shows and watching things online. At 100 credits you get £5 amazon emailed to you. (not sure how you sign up again)

  5. Random survey £6.00 amazon voucher

Cashback £8.81

1. Quidco £8.81  Sign up here (referral earn £5 cashback once get £5 cashback - i get £25)- bit of cashback left lingering around that become payable, still always check Quidco for any deals when buying anything



Crypto: £63.73

  1. Read.cash  sign up here)£12.63 / 0.04202101 BCH

  2. Noise.cash (review/ sign up here) £3.78

  3. Publish ox £2.55 (review / sign up here)

  4. Coinbase Review  £3.94 - Graph tokens

  5. Bitpanda (review and how to sign up step by step) £21.63 - Signed up when their bonus was worth twice as much on sign up - can still make money by signing up check this out -

  6. Mode step by step instructions  £10.00

  7. Cake (article about how to sign up) £21.83 (worth of DFI - cant withdraw yet, but will be able to in 180 days

Sign ups £16.41

1) Cash app - hadn't done this one before, if sign up with referral code, and send £50, did this with a friend kept sending £5 back and forth to each other for the bonus - could withdraw instantly to bank when bonus paid - easy money
3) Stake £6.41 (free shares article)- free share from a referral

Referrals £167.84

1) Trading 212 (- £8.15 - got a free share on a referral bonus
2) Orca £8.75 - article Free share for getting a referral bonus
3) Stake £6.41 (article)- free share from a referral
4) Bitpanda(review and how to sign up step by step) £26.73 - from 2 referrals
5) Zumo referral deal now expired but was fortunate to get a few myself £115.80 (0.116339 eth) - keep a lookout for another promotion
6) Qmee (Read my Review/Sign up here £3.00

Receipt app £2.00

1) Store wards (article about this app and others) £2.00 for scanning receipts

I hope this is helpful to people out there, and like I said any questions or comments extremely welcome

Spent less time on surveys this month, and tried to maximise my time in using other things to make some money


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Very well articulated! Thank you for this one!!!

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Cheers, appreciate the comment!!

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Do more of these, thank you.

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Not really, as long as it keeps tagging interesting storylines next to the money, because the money articles with interesting stories are sold more

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