Important announcement from Team Pynk, good news!!!

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2 years ago

If you have seen some of my other posts in the past, you will know I have been toiling away for some time predicting various prices on a daily basis, boosting up my 'wisdom points' and am eagerly anticipating my $144 I have reportedly earned and awaiting to be able to withdraw.

Well, whenever I hear further news from them I am eagerly excited, almost as excited when I hear a rumour about swissborg paying me my CHSB when that will be who knows.

So today I got an email with ' a very important announcement' in the form of a video.

So I shuffled the kids to sleep made a coffee, excited and nervous all at the same time about this very important announcement.

Here's a little summary from the CEO and co-founder Seth Ward.

First of all sharing the frustration of the community and their own frustration in the delay of the investor wallet.

But the promise still stands when it does, those wisdom points can be redeemed as MONEY.

Legal problems getting set up but seems like now solved

The business split into two entities PYNK the place I have been banging on about for a while and PLACEHOLDER. of which has been registered with the FCA financial conduct authority and will hold their forthcoming 'thesis portfolio' whats a thesis portfolio? I am not sure

So I read this and now I am sort of a little wiser

PLACEHOLDER is a stop-gap name .... and who gets to choose the name well as with everything on the platform it is all about ' co-creation and the crowd will choose the name for the investor wallet business.

'wallet mcwallet face' is the best I have got so far.

Redeeming wisdom points:

The important bit for me anyway and good use as far as I am concerned as UK users will go first when they launch in ...... MAY.

So for UK users when it goes live, can either invest or draw out as cash.

Users outside of the UK can either withdraw as cash or crypto. But if they do then won't be able to invest in the thesis portfolio.

Otherwise just a case of waiting a few months for the wallet to go live in your country apparently, this is to do with regulatory reasons, so maybe there is no quick fix, but at least will be able to claim that money.

What am I going to do with it?, I am undecided, I have asked the questions of whether I can invest some and withdraw some.

The money would be nice, but also love the community want it to grow, but could always do with the money. Conflicted. Let me know your plans in the comments.

This is a project I am excited about, have enjoyed their prediction games and can see light at the end of the tunnel.

This idea seems quite new and innovative. I can only presume that they have studied what peoples predictions have been and they seem to be able to make some good decisions based on this. Novel to say the least.

Time will only tell if it will work but I for one am very excited

To check out the video go here

and to sign up to PYNK and start predicting click here, I'm not sure if future wisdom points will be redeemable if sign up now or whether they will pay out again end of June.

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